AppsGeyser Announces Full Support of HTML5 Capabilities for Over 29,000 Apps

HTML5 allows for apps with richer interactions by using advanced features of mobile technology, including support for location and extended video.

Tel Aviv (PRWEB) June 02, 2011

AppsGeyser launched full support of HTML5 during the Israel Mobile Summit and High Tech Week. HTML5 support will be immediately available for use by the platform’s existing 29,000+ app ecosystem. HTML5 allows app developers to get much deeper interaction with underlying features of mobiles. This includes support for location (as well as location-based services), extended video and enhanced audio capabilities, among other advantages.

Developers can create Apps with HTML5 capabilities and still use AppsGeyser’s simplified 2-step process to convert them into native apps. Mass conversion is also supported via a web call to the AppsGeyser API.

Vasily Salomatov, co-founder of AppsGeyser, while speaking at the Israel Mobile Summit with a panel of experts that included Rovio and Inneractive, said that "HTML5 brings a whole set of new capabilities that allows us to create not only informative and dynamic apps, but truly interactive location-aware apps.” He also emphasized that “it only takes very basic HTML knowledge, coupled with our web tools, and anyone can create an awesome location based app."

Among the first apps created was a carbon copy of Rovio’s Angry Birds. It was built using basic HTML5 techniques, and an in depth explanation of how this was achieved can be read on the AppsGeyser blog (

The announcement and launch of HTML5 is part of the continual effort by AppsGeyser to enhance the mobile experience, for both developers and users.

About AppsGeyser,
AppsGeyser is the fastest-growing DIY app generator. Since its launch in February 2011 it has seen more than 29,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 2 million downloads of its apps, which also handle an average of 250,000 daily active users.



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