AppsGeyser Launches Push Notification for Over 20,000 Apps

AppsGeyser has rolled Push Notification to public during NEXT11 conference in Berlin. Notifications will be immediately available for use by the platform’s existing 20,000+ app ecosystem. The Push Notification system is available for new and existing apps. Users are required to meet stringent privacy and abuse guidelines.

Berlin (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

AppsGeyser continues to lead the way in the app generator category. After private launch of push notifications during Google I/O, AppsGeyser has rolled this feature to public during NEXT11 conference in Berlin. Push notification will be immediately available for use by the platform’s existing 20,000+ app ecosystem. In addition to this, the more than 1 million AppsGeyser apps that have already been downloaded and installed across the world are ready to receive instant notifications and alerts.

“Push notification capability is one of the greatest features that mobile platforms like Android have created. When it comes to adding value to the relationship between app creator and app user, push notifications is one of the most effective ways to engage stakeholders,” Vasily Salomatov, co-founder of AppsGeyser.

App creators who want to send messages to users will be able to create and send them almost instantly, allowing them to communicate and engage their audience in real time. This interaction helps keep users coming back to apps to revisit content or resources that creators want to share with them. Notifications can provide robust messages in rich HTML, including customizable calls-to-action. A video to illustrate this can be viewed here:

AppsGeyser push notification is very promising in some areas such as education, including this case study from one of our early users who operates in the worldwide second language market Eric Weymueller, President, contentAI studios " We have been extremely impressed with Appsgyser for porting our conversational ESL (English as a Second Language) simulations to global users on Android, which now makes up 50% of our User base. Our Users have requested we provide them with notices of new features or the launch of additional simulations. Push notifications from AppsGeyser will be the perfect solution for better satisfying the users and effectively communicating with them." Currently there are 1 Billion people worldwide who are trying to learn a second language, making it a very promising market.

AppsGeyser has placed a strong emphasis on privacy and prevention of abuse and spamming. App creators who use the feature must comply with stringent content guidelines. Additionally, apps cannot send more than a predefined number of messages to their users per month.
About AppsGeyser,

AppsGeyser is the fastest-growing and the leading app generator platform. Since its launch in February 2011 it has seen more than 20,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 1 million downloads of its apps, which also handle an average of 100,000 daily active users.

About AppsGeyser push notifications technology,
AppsGeyser push notifications technology allows app owners to send instant messages to their users. Push notifications can be received by all types of users, including regular active users, brand new users, and even users who have stopped using those apps (thus potentially bringing back users and reducing abandonment rates). Push notification has strong and proven use cases in the publishing, travel, retail and gaming sectors, but can be applied by almost any type of app.



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