AppsGeyser Announces Tabs Feature: Making it Easier for Anyone to Create Not Only Apps, but also Killer Apps

AppsGeyser takes its more than 37,000 apps a little closer to becoming Killer Apps by rolling out its much anticipated Tabs Feature. Now anyone can make apps from any web content and add full featured navigation tabs.

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 21, 2011

Appsgeyser continues on its path to helping people and organizations get into the mobile space. Anyone who creates an app with AppsGeyser using the simple 2-step process can now add navigation tabs. These tabs are very important because they greatly improve the user experience.

App creators continue to be excited with the simplicity of the app creation process. AppsGeyser is a web based platform that allows users to convert any web content into an Android App, for free, and in 2 easy steps (click here for a 2 minute video explanation of the platform).

When asked “What is a Killer App?” Vasily Salomatov, co-founder of AppsGeyser responded: “A Killer App is an app which gets everyday closer to using more of the resources that exist in the mobile phone. The mobile phone is like the human brain, most of us only use a small % of its true capacity, and the same applies to Apps. Killer Apps are the ones that take advantage of the most resources possible.”

AppsGeyser has worked hard to make better apps, with ongoing improvements to their apps such as the Tabs Feature. Prior to this the platform has allowed apps to take advantage of push notification, HTML5 support such as Geolocation. These enhancements have proven to be of great value to mobile users.

About AppsGeyser,
AppsGeyser is the fastest-growing DIY app generator for Android. Since its launch in February 2011 it has seen more than 37,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 3.5 million downloads of its apps, which also handle an average of 1,000,000 daily active users. AppsGeyser’s ad-supported model also makes it one of the fastest growing independent mobile advertising networks.



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