AppsGeyser reaches new milestone - announces 34,000 Apps and Half a Million Users

AppsGeyser was able to triple its daily active users to over 500,000 in two months, reaffirming that simple to create apps are also practical and generate repeat usage among mobile subscribers.

Mountain View, June 30, 2011

AppsGeyser, the fastest growing free Android DIY (do-it-yourself) app creation platform reached a new milestone in June. Shortly after breaking the 30,000 mark for total number of apps created on its platform, altogether its apps have also achieved a significant milestone: half a million daily active users.

Appsgeyser continues to grow an audience of people and organizations who are excited with the simplicity of the app creation process. AppsGeyser is a web based platform that allows you to convert any web content into an Android App, for free, and in 2 easy steps (click here for a 2 minute video explanation of the platform)

Vasily Salomatov, co-founder of Appsgeyser recently shared with developers at Wireless Industry Partnership’s Muther of all Hackathons about the importance of apps being simple and practical so that users come back to them again and again. He also made the case for the positive effect of recently launched features and enhancements:

"We worked very hard during the months of April and May for the launch and subsequent rollouts of key features such as push notification and full HTML5 support. These enhancements proved to be of great value to mobile users, as it created a spike in repeat and return usage of our app ecosystem."

About AppsGeyser,
AppsGeyser is the fastest-growing DIY app generator. Since its launch in February 2011 it has seen more than 34,000 apps created on its platform. There have been more than 3.5 million downloads of its apps, which also handle an average of 500,000 daily active users.


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