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Our ambassadors

Kartik Gambhir

I'm a tech enthusiast, digital marketing expert, and blogger. I have passion to explore new technologies.
Being an AppsGeyser ambassador, and representing India is a proud for me and my main goal is to make the people aware about the potential & reach of mobile apps and IoT.

Abhinand PS

I'm Technology Expert, Social Media Consultant, blogger & Digital Marketing Expert.
Being an AppsGeyser Ambassador & representing my country India is a proud for me. Technology leading a great role in every person's life.
My life goal is to make aware about technology importance to each and every people.

Shailandra Rajput

I am An IT Eng. student who likes to creating applications for helping peoples. I am a tech lover who always looking to find and using new technologies.
Being part of an AppsGeyser Ambassadors Program I like to help people all over the world as Indian and represent India all over the world.

Aman Singh

I am a Computer Engineering student, tech enthusiast, and I love developing Apps.
Being an AppsGeyser ambassador and represent INDIA is a pleasure to me. I am looking forward more exciting events during my reign and I promise to contribute to the success of AppsGeyser.

Joel Sheffield

I am a YouTuber with over 100k subscribers. I like to draw Sonic characters. I am an expert on making niche apps based on popular topics and creating my own characters and graphics using GIMP. I primarily focus on Sonic. I like to promote my apps on my YouTube channel.
I am proud to be an Ambassador of AppsGeyser and hope to bring more ideas to the table.

Salia Uriepa

I am a college student guidance and counseling, my hobby is reading. I was making apps just to fill my spare time, but i realize what i live in technological era and i decided to serious in making apps.
Being of AppsGeyser Ambassador is a great start for me to help many people especially in my country Indonesia.

Suman Nayak

I am a YouTuber. I am a specialist on making specialty in view of well known tech themes. I basically center around Tech survey, Online Money making instructional exercise.
Being of AppsGeyser Ambassador is an incredible begin for me to help numerous individuals particularly in my nation India.

Eric Thomas

Hello! I am an App Ambassador that is first to represent the USA with Appsgeyser. I am currently studying at Eastern Gateway Community College for an Associate’s of Arts degree.
I enjoy making YouTube videos and Google Play Store Games as a side hobby. I really look forward to bringing my creative ideas to help grow Appsgeyser.

Amandeep Bansal

I love to help people in all areas of which I have a knowledge. Working on Computer is my passion. When I came to know about Appsgeyser for online Apps development, I just found that my passion of working on computer could generate unlimited income in a very easy way. All thanks to Appsgeyser.
Being Ambassador of Appsgeyser is a great proud for me to help many people all around the world.

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