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AppsGeyser’s Android App Builder GooglePlay Publisher Tool

The AppsGeyser Android app maker was created to assist app makers in creating apps with ease. Making an app using the free and simple to use Android app builder is as simple as counting one, two, three. No prior experience or technical knowledge is required.

In addition to app creation, AppsGeyser’s Android app builder provides app creators with the tools to modify and distribute apps. AppsGeyser’s Android app maker has an inbuilt tool that automatically creates a file that allows app makers to publish apps to GooglePlay and other Android app stores.

Over the past three years, AppsGeyser’ Android app builder platform has assisted thousands of app makers with creating and distributing apps to GooglePlay.

What is GooglePlay

GooglePlay is the leading Android app market. It is a virtual store that allows users of mobile devices to download apps for personal use. GooglePlay boasts well over one million apps having hit the one million mark back in the summer of 2013. Due to the popularity of GooglePlay, all Android app makers dream of publishing their Android app to this store.

Make an app for GooglePlay

Using AppsGeyser’s free to use Android app maker platform an app creator can create an app in less than a minute. Simply choose a template style, insert the content and click create. Making an app has never been easier. All the templates allow for customization so an app maker can make an app in-line with the branding style required. The creation of the app will automatically present the app creator with an individual APK file for publication.

AppsGeyser’s Android app builder APK

When you make an app with AppsGeyser’s android app builder platform and click on create an app your app automatically create an APK file (Android Application PacKage). This file, provided for free, can be downloaded to your desktop and used with the Android app store of choice. GooglePlay accepts the APK provided by AppsGeyser’s Android app making platform. The app creator needs upload the APK and provide the details of your app for your app download page.

Upload Your App Details

There are several steps to complete when you create an app and begin to upload it to GooglePlay. Screenshots - When you create an app using the Android app builder tool, test the app on your mobile device. Take screen shots of your app in action to use on your GooglePlay download page. App description and name- Write a description that will sell the app to potential app users. Make sure that you use a range of keywords that will ensure the app will be found in organic searches.

Use AppsGeyser’s Android app maker platform and make an app today.

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