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4 minutes ago in Bangladesh
Create 2048 Game App - a sliding block puzzle game app for Android. This is one of the most addictive and challenging games ever made! Use pictures instead of numbers, so your users will stick longer not just to put tiles into grid, but to see all images you used. Find the niche, use the specific theme for game app to make it even more interesting and fun to play. And may be your users will spend 2048 hours on your app!

Upload 11 images to start creating your perfect mobile 2048 game! You can find royalty-free square images at Use PNG files for better quality!

Don't forget to upload a background image to personalize your 2048 game! JPG/PNG format 720x1280 size is recommended.
How to get background images for the 2048 game?
  • Search images on flickr
  • Save images to your PC
  • Upload those to the form above

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