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4 minutes ago in India
Develop Magic 8 ball game for Android. This is the game and app that will help your users in decision - making whether it's about work, personal life or just choosing something to buy. It'll show random phrases after user shakes its device. You can customize the phrases and the appearance of the ball to create your own custom mobile app. Try to be more creative and add some funny phrases. Remember, the more fun your users get, the more chances they will use your 8 Ball app for a long period of time amd share it with friends.

Tip: want to find niche for your mobile app? Try making app for your social group/language. If you know several languages, use less popular one. Targeting small groups of people can make your Android app a lot more popular. You'll be able to find niches that are free from huge players on app market and make a great mobile app for your social group.


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