Shopify template is a mobile application made 100% on Android that shows the products sold by a Shopify shop to its clients online.

Awesome Features

Shopify Integration

The app uses Shopify backend to display the products in an easy and interactive way

Admin Panel

The app is synchronized with the changes made in Admin Panel from your Shopify account.

In-app check outs

Your customers can order items from the app directly by paying with Card or Google Pay

Register\Login feature

Your users will be able to register in you store from the app directly.

Easy to navigate

App is designed to easily find needed items. There are dosens of search filters

Cloud-based content

The app automatically gets all information about items. Icons, descrioptions, prices and sales.

Easy to create

With Appsgeyser you don't need any programming skills to get final version of eShop app. Just insert you shop link and get the app.

Customizable design

Change any color or graphic you want to create a unique-looking shopify app

Push notification

Use Push notifications feature to reactivate users. Notify them about sales!

How It Works

AppsGeyser offers every tool to create, download, distribute and monetize your app

The Simplest creation tool!

Create an app in 5 minutes

With our simple step-by-step creation guide you can create any app in less than 5 minutes

Customize your app

You can change the way your app looks like

Feature Image
Feature Image

Download your APK file in a second

You don't need to wait 24 hours to get a link to your built app like you would with other builders. You can start using your app within 5 minutes after creation

Fastest app builder in the world

Your app can be created in under 5 minutes. You will see the progress yourself

Instant app access

You don't need to download any DEMO apps or Builder apps. You will download your whole app as you created it in under 5 minutes.

Publish your app in any Android App Store

There are no restrictions and limitations on how many markets you can publish your app

Step-by-step guide

AppsGeyser created detailed and simple step-by-step guides for publishing in top app stores

Full Support

AppsGeyser offers a personal support and assistance to every app publisher.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Make sales using an app

You can get orders from Google Play traffic. All orders from the app are the same as on your website. It already has 'Pay with Card' feature

Easy to apply

Your app is ready for getting orders instantly. All you need to do is insert your store link and API key.

New customers

You can get new customers from Google Play search engine!

Create Shopify app now!