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Do you want to quickly and easily expand your Telegram group? If so, buying telegram subscribers is among the finest ways to accomplish this. Your group will rank higher and gain greater traction with more members, making audience building easier.

Telegram is a chat app where users can communicate and exchange thoughts on a range of subjects. Creating Telegram groups is one approach to bringing people together who have similar interests. You can create a community around interests in music, sales, travel, hobbies, news, and other subjects. Furthermore, you can advertise your goods and draw in new clients using Telegram groups if you own a business and have more members. 

While it’s simple to start a Telegram group, recruiting members may be more difficult than you may imagine. This is due to the fact that there are more than 1 billion users on the network. This implies that to reach the same target audience, your group will have to compete with millions of other groups. However, there is always a solution available when an issue arises. 

Today, there are various websites that allow you a variety of solutions to suit your needs, regardless of whether you’re new to Telegram or want to grow your existing channel. Let’s find out more about how to purchase more members easily and fast! 



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We provide 100% legit real members who can engage with your channel or group content. These are not robot generated users. By buying members, you also buy telegram views.

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Why Should You Buy Telegram Members?


Real Members, not bots

Every member is a real person who was added through Google Play messengers that use Telegram. We obtain members’ permission before adding them to your group or channel. These users can see your posts, buy your goods and services, communicate, share your content with friends, and other features just like organic users

Anywhere in the world

We can give 99% accuracy to members worldwide thanks to our unique technologies. It won’t be an issue if you require members from Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, or even Australia! We have over 500,000 active users from more than 150 nations. Ethiopian Telegram users can even be purchased.

Free Telegram Members

You pay less the more Telegram channel or group subscribers you buy. As a buy-bonus, we provide free Telegram memberships to our clients. You will receive an additional 2,000 subscribers for free if you buy 8,000 subscribers from India. Since we want to work with you for a long time, we give our clients exclusive benefits and deals.

Unlimited capacities

You can only manually add 200 members to your channel; however, you can invite an infinite amount of Telegram users to your channel by using AppsGeyser. We can assist you even if your goal is to have 500,000 subscribers to your channel!

Security and Privacy

A multinational IT business called AppsGeyser, a US-based web platform that was established in 2011, promotes Telegram. For Telegram channel owners, AppsGeyser has been offering promotion services since 2019. We accept safe ways to pay with bank cards, PayPal, Skrill, and bitcoin. For you, Appsgeyser functions as a type of Telegram subscriber generator.

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Why Should I Buy Telegram Group Members?

Buying Telegram group members is a calculated move that will immediately increase your group’s influence and reach. It aids in building a solid base, enhancing your club’s appeal, and increasing engagement. This method saves time, creates additional revenue streams, and increases awareness for your group while solidifying its reputation as a well-liked destination among Telegram users.

  • Purchasing new groups started: Buying Telegram members gives new groups a critical early boost and helps lay the groundwork for engagement and activity from the first.
  • Instantaneous popularity increase: Gaining more members right away will greatly increase your group’s reputation and draw in more prospective members.
  • Increased levels of engagement: A group with more members will connect and engage more with one another, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for sharing content and having conversations.
  • Monetization: Having a larger member base allows you to achieve follower requirements faster, which in turn opens up chances for monetization and brand promotion.
  • Saves time: Purchasing members to speed up the growth of your group is a time-saving tactic that lets you concentrate on community and content management.


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    Real Channel Members

    Add Telegram members to increase engagement, promote your content and services/goods, market your business online, get new sales, grow client loyalty in your Telegram Channel.

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    Real Group Members

    Add Telegram subscribers to grow engagement, get feedback and interact with thousands of new users in your Telegram Group. Chat, encourage activity and get user-generated content.


    Advantages of Buying Telegram Members

    How to buy Telegram Members and grow your Channel with OUR TELEGRAM ADDER

    Buying Telegram Channel and Group members became one of the most popular and effective ways to promote Telegram business. With real Telegram members, you can instantly boost your channel, add Telegram members, gain trust from users, increase your sales and build a community. Adding a big amount of members can boost the organic growth of the Telegram Channel or Group. The more members your have, the higher chance for new organic users to join too. Our technique provides a gradual and safe adding of members. It takes from a few hours to a few days to add 1,000 Telegram members.

    Instant Boost

    Grow your Telegram channel from 0 members to 10,000 members within a few days. Adding subscribers is a safe and reliable process.

    Gain Trust

    Get trust from new members. New organic subscribers are more likely to join a big Telegram Channel than a small one.

    Increase Sales

    Promote your services and goods to increase income and get new clients. Convert users into sales.

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    Get an instant boost for your Telegram with real members from any country in the world.


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    Benefits of Buying Telegram Channel Subscribers

    Members may have real-time conversations with individuals worldwide using the well-known messaging app Telegram. The claim that Telegram is more widely used is undoubtedly supported by evidence. For instance, there are distinctions between the widely used online communication platforms Telegram and WhatsApp. Telegram’s web version and cross-platform compatibility are two of its main features over these two technologies.

    Businesses, influencers, and brands can gain a lot by purchasing Telegram subscribers. Here are a few of the main advantages of purchasing Telegram group members.

    1. Greater degree of visibility

    A major advantage of purchasing Telegram memberships is enhanced visibility. Your channel or group will seem more popular when you buy Telegram members, which will draw in additional users. With more visibility, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from other Telegram groups and channels, which will make it simpler for fans, followers, and possible clients to locate you.

    2. Enhanced trustworthiness

    Having a sizable Telegram channel or group members can lend credibility to your company or brand. Channels or groups with a large following have a higher chance of being trusted and actively engaged by people. Purchasing Telegram group members might assist you in establishing your authority and credibility in your specialty or sector.

    3. Enhanced involvement

    Purchasing Telegram group members may also result in more people interacting with your group or channel. Your posts are more likely to be viewed and spread when you have a big member base. More interaction with your brand or company as a result of this better engagement may raise sales or enhance brand awareness.

    4. Economical promotion

    Purchasing Telegram group activ members also has the potential to be an affordable marketing tactic. Purchasing Telegram subscribers is comparatively less expensive when compared to conventional advertising techniques like print, radio, or television commercials. It’s also simple to stay within your budget because you can select how many members to buy.

    5. Intended readership

    You can target your audience by geography, interests, or demographics when you buy Telegram followers. This implies that you can connect with those who are more likely to be considering your goods or services. You can improve the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and produce leads of a higher caliber by focusing on your target population.

    6. Better SEO

    Your Telegram channel or group’s search engine optimization (SEO) can also be enhanced by having a sizable membership. Search engines receive a signal that your website is popular and relevant when more people engage with your brand or business on Telegram. In the end, this enhanced exposure may result in better search engine results and more visitors to your website.

    In conclusion, influencers, brands, and companies can gain much by purchasing Telegram subscribers. It can help you become more well-known, and more credible, engage more people, and build your influence in your field or industry. It can also be an affordable marketing tactic that lets you targeted people according to their geography, interests, or demographics.

    How Many Telegram Members You Should Buy?

    Choosing how many Telegram group members to buy is an important choice that will have a big influence on your group’s legitimacy and success. It’s true that having more members can increase revenue, particularly if you use the group for business, but you also need to set reasonable objectives. Unrealistically quick growth in the number of members can come across as unauthentic and possibly turn off real users.

    Evaluating the size and involvement level of your group at the moment is a sensible strategy. Starting with a minimal member increase is advisable if your group is still relatively young or small. This steady expansion might support the integrity of your group’s growth.

    You can gradually raise the number of active members you buy as your group gains traction, timing this expansion to correspond with the organic growth of activity and engagement inside the group.

    When choosing how many Telegram members to buy, take into account your group’s current status, objective, and long-term objectives. Strive for a balance that enhances the effectiveness and appeal of your group without sacrificing its authenticity.

    What Happens After You Place An Order?

    Your order is automatically entered into our system via an API after you place it. Minutes later, the magic starts, and soon after that, results become apparent. AppsGeyser’s staff carefully follows up on every order, utilizing special methods to ensure a seamless ordering experience. We never allow an order to delay since we operate with complete efficiency and openness. Our attentive support is available to you at all times if you have any queries or worries.

    How to Buy Telegram Members?

    Purchasing Telegram subscribers from AppsGeyser is simple and easy to use. To ensure a smooth transition to increased visibility and engagement, take these easy steps to enhance your Telegram group with active, engaged members.

    Select the ideal Package for you

    Start by deciding which bundle best suits your requirements. We provide a range of choices to accommodate varying sizes and budgets so you may discover the ideal fit for the popularity goals of your Telegram group. Leave your request and wait for our manager to contact you.

    Provide the group link and the payment information

    Next, provide your payment details and the connection to your Telegram group. Remember to make your Telegram group “public” to use the feature. Our platform guarantees a safe and easy information input process for your convenience. Pay by bank card, PayPal, bitcoin, TRON, ether, or other payment methods.

    Complete and monitor your order

    Easily finish your purchase. An invoice and confirmation for your order will be sent to you. In order to give you real-time updates on the status of your Telegram group member boost, we also offer order tracking.

    How Much Does It Cost to Purchase Telegram Members?

    Depending on how big of a boost you want, adding more members to your Telegram group may or may not come with the same price.

    You can add 100 members for as little as $2.49, which is ideal for people looking for small improvements. Options scale up to the buy of 5000 members for $54.99, which offers a huge increase to your group’s size and activity potential for those looking to make a bigger difference. Every product guarantees a 24-72-hour delivery window, which is a quick upgrade for your team.

    There is a package to fit your demands and budget, whether you want to start small and grow over time or are prepared for big growth right now. Purchasing Telegram members is an investment in the influence and active engagement of your group on the network.

    Understanding Telegram Group Members and Our Unique Offering

    Members who join a particular Telegram group in order to interact with its content, take part in conversations, and remain informed about shared information are known as Telegram group members. They play a crucial role in developing a vibrant and engaged community within the application.

    A certain group of Telegram users known as “targeted followers” are chosen based on predetermined standards, such as interest in particular niches or geographic regions.

    You can ensure that the people in your group are most relevant to your content or business by, for example, focusing on members who are from the USA, Europe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and any other country.

    You can greatly increase your group’s relevance and engagement by choosing to buy targeted Telegram members. This will make your group more valuable and enticing to both existing and prospective members.

    Is There Any Risk Of Purchasing Telegram Group Members?

    Because they are afraid of hurting their group’s reputation or getting in trouble with Telegram for artificial growth, many people are hesitant to buy Telegram group members. These worries are a result of the possibility of obtaining idle, low-quality users or bots, which might prevent engagement and possibly notify Telegram’s algorithm of unusual activities.

    However, these dangers can be reduced by selecting the best supplier for Telegram subscribers, such as AppsGeyser, which places an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

    Selecting a service like AppsGeyser that has actual, active users lowers the likelihood of running into these problems. Be sure the providers you choose recognize the value of adding members gradually as opposed to expecting an abrupt spike in membership.

    How Can You Maintain Engagement Among New Telegram Members?

    Purchasing new Telegram members is just the beginning; the difficult part—which, regrettably, is essential to your success will be keeping them interested. Try a dynamic approach that promotes community and involvement if you want to turn your group from passive to active. Here are a few ways to accomplish it.

    Welcome newcomers – Welcome each newcomer to create a friendly, welcoming environment. Sending out personalized greetings can promote instant communication and give new members a sense of community.

    Clear group guidelines- Establishing clear guidelines encourages a polite, well-organized atmosphere where participants feel comfortable interacting and sharing.

    Employ mentions -Making Use of Direct Mentions When addressing a member personally, use @mentions. This draws interest and encourages a more intimate degree of engagement.

    With AppsGeyser add Telegram members to your channel to boost interaction, advertise your products and services, generate new business leads, and cultivate customer loyalty.

    About AppSGEYSER- Telegram Member adder

    US-based company founded in 2011, mainly focused on mobile app development for Android OS. Since 2013 AppsGeyser provides Telegram services for businesses and individuals, including app development and marketing. Our mission is to make content-sharing simple and affordable for everyone. Promote your Telegram channel with us and share your content with the whole world.