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Do you want to create a messaging app for your business or friends? With the help of a chat app maker, you can easily create an Android or iOS app that allows users to communicate with each other. This will create a dedicated communication channel for your team or community, making it easier to stay in touch and collaborate.

How to make a Chat app with AppsGeyser builder in 3 steps

Step 1

Choose Your Chat App Template

To create a chat app, choose the Appsgeyser Chat app template.

Step 2

Customize and Create Your App

App Name: Give your chat app a unique name.
Description: Write a brief description of your app.
Icon: Choose or upload an icon for your app, customize the chat settings according to your preferences. You can change colors, backgrounds, and other design elements.
Content: Add additional content or features you want in your app, such as links to your website or social media.
Preview: Preview your app to see how it looks.
Create: Once satisfied with your app, click the 'Create' button to generate your chat app.

Step 3

Test, Publish, and Share

After creating your app, download the APK file for testing. Thoroughly test your app before publishing to make sure everything works as intended. Publish the AAB file directly on the Google Play Store. (Note that you'll need a Google Developer Account for this.) Share your app with friends, family, or your target audience.

Benefits of Building a Chat App With AppsGeyser

A chat app provides a platform for instant and convenient communication, allowing users to exchange messages, multimedia, and files in real-time. Compared to more traditional forms of communication, such as SMS or phone calls, chat applications can be affordable options for individuals and organizations. Chat apps allow users worldwide to connect, breaking down geographical barriers and promoting global communication.Building a chat app with AppsGeyser offers several benefits, especially for individuals or businesses looking for a quick and cost-effective solution

No-Code Mobile App Builder

Take advantage of our user-friendly platform to develop your chat app with no need for coding expertise.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from continuous support and updates to ensure your app remains current and functional.

Increasing revenue

Implementing multiple monetization strategies, such as premium features, sponsored content, and in-app purchases, will be an excellent opportunity to generate and increase revenue.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Create an app that works seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Customizable Templates

Appsgeyser’s app builder offers various templates and customization options suitable for different business sectors. Tailor your app's appearance to match your brand identity effortlessly.

Secure Mobile Apps

Every app developed on our platform adheres to GDPR compliance standards. So you can rest easy, knowing that the data which is located on your app is secure.

Create your NO CODE app

Whether you need a quick chat with coworkers or a video meeting, we've got you covered!

Create your NO CODE app

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.

Must-have features in a Chat app

Here are some must-have features for a chat app:

Create your NO CODE app

Without any coding skills or technical expertise, create an online app for Android and iOS in minutes.


What is AppsGeyser?
AppsGeyser Creator is a tool for creating mobile apps without coding skills. You can build fully functional Android and iOS apps from your website or web content.
How do you convert your Website into a chat-app app?
Converting your website into a chat app with AppsGeyser's builder is simple. All you need to do is provide the URL of your chat website, customize the app's design to match your brand, and test and publish it. Your chat app will then be ready for users to use.
Is AppsGeyser free?
AppsGeyser offers a free plan to create and share apps without any upfront costs. However, some additional features and services may incur additional charges.
How can I make money using AppsGeyser?
Your app can earn money through various methods, including subscriptions, in-app purchases, and advertising. AppsGeyser offers tools and support to help you effectively implement these monetization strategies.
How much does it cost to make an chat-app app?
When you hire a mobile app development company or freelancer for your project, the cost can significantly burden your budget. The price of building a chat app varies from $10,000 to more than $100,000, depending on the features and complexity of the application. However, an app creation platform like AppsGeyser allows you to create a free app with many practical and relevant features that meet your needs. If you want to upgrade later, you can choose a plan that best suits your needs.