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Create an Online Quiz App for Android without coding with free App Maker. Create an online collection of trivia questions for education or fun. Group trivia questions by topics or question types (4 answers, true or false, images) into special categories. The quiz app includes different types of questions, categories, multiple languages, rankings, timer.

The Quiz App Maker features the admin panel where you can manage your quiz and questions online. You can edit trivia categories, add new or deleted old questions at any time without rebuilding your Android app.

To make a popular Quiz app, you should find your niche. You can make a trivia app for students with free tests, a collection of entertaining questions in your native language, or a theme-oriented app with trivia about countries, movies, Korean pop music, mobile games, etc. Use the relevant keywords in the name and description, localize your app in your home language, make creative screenshots. Look at your top competitors and create your own quiz app like Trivia Crack, Quiz Up, Trivia 360, Jeopardy, etc.
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After the app is created you'll be redirected to App Admin Panel so you could add your quiz content: questions, answers, categories, images. You'll be able to access the Panel and manage the content of your app later from Edit section of your Dashboard.

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