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Create RSS Reader app for Android without coding. Convert news and content feed from websites and blogs to a mobile app with instant access. Make a collection of news related to a specific topic. You can add up to 100 RSS links to your app. The RSS app features push notifications to inform users about new content.

How to make an RSS app : add news topics, insert RSS links, enable push notification, name your app, choose or upload an icon. Preview your app to see how it works before building an apk file.

To create a popular RSS app, you should find your niche and the target audience. You can make an RSS app with feeds united by a single theme or written in 1 language for a local audience. For example, you can create a selection of news for France in French. Or you can collect news about sport, art, politics, movies. Use specific keywords in the name and description, localize your app in your local language, make high-quality screenshots. Look at your competitors and build an RSS Reader app like Feedly, Inoreader, FeedMe, Palabre, and others.

If you don't know how to find the rss link from the news source site try to look at this link.
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Your users will automatically get notifications about new posts. Keep in touch with your audience. Be aware that notifications can take up to 2 hours to deliver to the device.
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