Game-Making Process with AppsGeyser

Have you been planning your game for a while? On AppsGeyser, we have multiple game app templates to choose from. You can customize the layout of your own game using our GameMaker.
You may use this software even if you don’t have advanced programming skills or coding background.
AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. You don't need to know how to use drag-and-drops. To make apps you need just to fill the forms.
With AppsGeyser you create a mobile game app for Android for free and without coding.

To create an Android app game you only have to complete a few simple steps:

1. Choose one of the game app Templates. AppsGeyser offers 14 free app templates for game makers.
2. Follow the guide and fill the forms on a game template page. Customize your game app as you wish, choose your favorite colors and make your game unique!
3. Choose the name for your game. Add the app description.
4. Add the icon for an app.
5. Download your APK file. Test your game app to see how it works before publishing to Play Store.
6. Download AAB file. It is a publishing format that you need to submit to the Play Store for publishing your app. It complies with Google Play and other major app market policies.
Games are proving to be very popular not only with our younger audience, but also with businesses. It can be just for fun, or you can monetize your game with our platform and earn money every month! The more people use your game, the more you earn.