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AppsGeyser Grow App Contest
The competition is over, all winners will receive an email within 3 weeks!
Time left:
To enter the competition, you need to click the “JOIN” button on this page.
Only apps created with the Messenger template on AppsGeyser can participate in the contest.
To be eligible, all applications must be published on Google Play and stay on Google Play for at least 2 weeks after the end of the competition.
You can promote an unlimited number of Messenger apps and win multiple prizes.
Note: installs from different apps can't be summarized.
We reserve the right to reject an app if it is not functional or does not meet our quality bar. Rejected apps will not be eligible.
The Prize will be delivered only to verified winners.
This offer is not transferable.
We pay $ 100 for messengers that rank 2-11 in terms of install growth. The main prize is $300 for the messenger with the highest install growth. The installs during the competition are compared with the installs for November. For example, in November you had 1639 installs on the messenger, then in order to qualify for the prizes, you need to collect 3639 installs during the competition.
Winners will be published on the website
Promoter: AppsGeyser, 901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 325, Alexandria, VA 22314
All prizes will be delivered within 60 days after the end of the contest.
To withdraw the money earned from publishing apps on Google Play you need to have a valid PayPal account, or else we won’t be able to send you the prize money.
We reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time.
Fake installs and statistics manipulation are prohibited.
You can’t unpublish your messengers from Google Play after the end of the competition. If you violate the rule, you will be barred from participating in the following contests.