5 AI-Powered Testing Tools In the Market That You Should Try

The automation testing landscape has transformed remarkably over the last few years following the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-driven testing tools are making waves in the automation industry. A report by Grand View Research states that the value of the global AI-driven testing market size in 2022 was USD 414.7 million and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4% between 2023 and 2030. 

Numerous organizations are inclined towards leveraging AI-powered tools to streamline testing processes and solve complexities in the software development process. The primary advantage of AI-powered testing tools over traditional counterparts is higher accuracy, simpler maintenance, and greater test coverage. Besides this, AI-powered testing tools come with an array of features and benefits that accelerate test automation significantly.

There are a plethora of AI testing tools available today. How will you know which one will be the most efficient and accurate among the numerous available options? For this reason, we have curated a comprehensive list of the top 5 AI-driven testing tools that have the potential to level up your testing process.

Top 5 AI-Powered Testing Tools You Should Try In 2024

It is indisputable that automation and technology are an integral part of how we work and live. Some of the major reasons behind using AI testing tools include:

  • Reduces risks of errors and improves accuracy of test results
  • Helps identify bugs early, again reducing the chances of defects
  • Reduce test times significantly in contrast to manual testing
  • Doesn’t require scripts, hence saving time and money
  • Feature self-healing capabilities that reduce test case failures

However, not all AI testing tools are designed to include such high-performance features. Keep reading to know the best AI-driven tools available in the market today.

  1. TestGrid

TestGrid is the top choice when it comes to test automation because of its secure and scalable test infrastructure. Users can execute end-end testing automation, including visual testing, cross-browser, mobile app, and more. The platform ensures a smooth, hassle-free digital experience whenever you test an app or website at scale. It offers both public cloud infrastructure, a private dedicated lab and even on-prem testing capabilities.

Key Features

  • Offers the convenience of scriptless or low-code test case creation 
  • You can save up to 70% of your labor costs linked to manual testing
  • It facilitates faster delivery of software products to the market
  • Automate and execute test scenarios on both mobile devices and browsers seamlessly
  • Cuts down debugging time by up to 60%, freeing the time of testers for other critical tasks 
  • Automate all platforms testing web, mobile, custom hardware, and IoT
  • Scale your testing up or down as per your requirement
  • Conduct automated API testing for higher efficiency 
  • Get valuable performance metrics about your applications 
  • Offers robust features such as test data parameterization
  • Enables testing across thousands of real devices across real user conditions for comprehensive testing

TestGrid recently unveiled the world’s first AI software tester – CoTester. The capabilities of CoTester™️, from understanding and executing across a spectrum of testing frameworks to its self-improving nature, promise to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of software testing to unprecedented levels.

  1. Katalon

It is a popular AI-powered testing platform used for testing web, mobile, and desktop applications and APIs. Its low code testing features make the complicated testing process easy

Key features

  • Supports BDD, data-driven testing, and keyword-driven testing
  • It has a feature to capture real user interactions and automatically generate cases
  • Its self-healing capabilities reduce test maintenance costs 
  • AI algorithms identify important changes in UI layout 
  • Pinpoints APIs that display abnormal performance
  1. TestCraft

Based on Selenium, this AI-based testing tool facilitates both manual and automated testing and is reputed for its speedy execution of tests.

Key features

  • Its drag-and-drop features facilitate the easy creation of automated tests
  • It has a unique On-the-Fly mode to generate a test model for individual test scenarios, making test case reuse easier
  • Its ML algorithm adapts quickly to changes in the web application 
  • Conduct tests in parallel across different browsers and work environments
  1. Functionize

Combining both AI and ML, this automation testing tool powered by AI makes the testing process simpler by letting you type test scenarios in plain English. Its NLP processing quickly generates functional test cases.  

Key features

  • It offers test planning and editing features 
  • Its AI features help accelerate test case creation, diagnosis, and maintenance
  • Integrates smoothly with popular DevOps tools
  • Has an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Allows creation and execution of end-to-end tests for mobile and web apps within no time
  1. AccelQ

This AI testing tool is preferred for evaluating mobile applications and UI, APIs, and PC software. Its self-healing capabilities make test maintenance an easy task, reducing the costs associated with it. 

Key features

  • It’s a cloud-based testing tool with continuous testing capabilities
  • It offers automated test-generation capabilities
  • Its codeless features and natural English language automation make it a popular tool
  • It supports lifecycle test management and offers predictive analysis
  • Facilitates in-sprint automation


Evidently, AI-powered testing is redefining the testing processes in most organizations and will continue its reign in the coming years. If your testing techniques lack the superior efficiency, speed, and accuracy that is characteristic of AI tools, you should make the switch to a robust AI-based testing platform like TestGrid, which is known for its reliability and consistency.

As a mobile app testing platform, TestGrid is incomparable because of its secure cloud infrastructure and real device testing features that guarantee the best user experience for customers. With TestGrid’s AI-based features, you can conduct hundreds of tests in parallel, detect issues in the early stages, and rectify them before they reach the production stage.

Lesser testing costs, accelerated delivery, and greater ROI are assured with TestGrid, the most preferred end-to-end testing platform that surpasses your expectations every time.