6 Easy Methods to Promote an App on Twitter

Promote App on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can use to promote your applications, products, and other services. Twitter is rapidly growing, and it has around 145 million daily active users, which shows Twitter’s power.

But, most people do not know how to use Twitter to promote their app. If you are into the app business and want to know methods to promote your mobile application using Twitter, this post is for you.

Here you will find the answer to how to promote an app on social media, especially Twitter. You can choose either a free method or a paid method to promote your app on Twitter.

There are various methods to promote apps on Twitter. If you have a better budget, then you must try the paid way. Following are some of the paid plans that you can try.

1. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are an easier way to promote your app and business without putting much effort and time. The Twitter Ads will help you reach the targeted audience quickly, but you will have to pay some money for that.

2. Sponsorships

Apart from Twitter Ads, you can also give sponsorship to other popular Twitter accounts. If the Twitter account is relevant to your niche and has active followers, you can contact them for sponsorship. Further, you can try both Twitter Ads and Sponsorships to find out the best method for you.

Free Methods to Promote App on Twitter

The free method is another technique that people use to promote their app on Twitter. Below are steps you can follow to grow your app on Twitter without paying any money.

1. Branding

You will need to do a proper branding of your app. Twitter allows people to build a front page that will profile the brand. Remember that the profile page is your chance to tell everyone about your business.

By seeing you on Twitter and by clicking on your profile, people can know about your business in seconds. To ensure that Twitter helps exploit your brand, you need to keep your profile page in line with your existing brand design.

It includes your Twitter account name and profile picture. Your Twitter account name and profile picture appear every time you send a tweet. So the more active you are on Twitter, the more people will see your brand.

You can display your brand via the profile pic and the cover image. Make sure to upload two different images of your brand as a profile pic and the cover image. You can customize your cover image as per your wish.

Be careful with the color scheme of the images. You can also use your brand logo as a profile pic or even a cover image. Try to represent your app as a brand, which will help you to grow it in a shorter time.

2. Building Your Profile Foundation

Make sure to build a better foundation for your profile page. Enter all the details on the profile page so that people can know more about your brand.

The more details you include about yourself and your brand, the easier it will be for others to build a relationship with you.

A strong foundation is the basis of any relationship, including a business marketing relationship. There are three aspects of the profile page, which you must complete:

  • Location: It will help your audience to know about your location. You can let people know where you are located so they can visit your business.
  • Website: If your business is online, then do not forget to add a link to your website on your Twitter account. The website link will help your audience to reach your business.
  • Bio: The bio section is present below the Twitter profile name. Using the bio, you can introduce your business. Ensure to utilize the 160 characters limit to tell your audience about you.

3. Start Following

You need to be active if you want to succeed on Twitter and utilize this platform to your advantage. Do not start following random people; make sure that you are selective, or else you will find your tweet feed to be too busy with information that is not interesting or relevant to you.

Try to follow only those people who are relevant to your business. Some big businesses do not follow anyone on Twitter, but you should not do that as a startup.

Follow more and more relevant people, which will let them know about your Twitter profile. Through your Twitter profile, you can let other people know about your app.

Besides, following the relevant people will help you interact with them, respond to their tweets, and build relationships with them.

You may also see other people respond in the same conversations, which will help you gain Twitter followers. Apart from this, make sure to use relevant tags in each of your posts. The relevant tags will help more people to know about your business and app.

4. Interact With People

If you are like those silent users who sit back and read other people’s tweets, Twitter is not for you. New users and businesses have to put some extra effort into growing their Twitter profile as well as their business.

You will need to be active and interact with other people on Twitter and respond to conversations. In such a way, your app will get attention, which will result in more downloads.

You can give answers to questions related to the app industry and other relevant topics. There are five different ways to use Twitter to interact with other users.

  • Tweet: It is a message sent to all your followers. Via a tweet, you can convey your idea and information in the form of text, image, or video. You can write up to 140 characters long text in your tweet. Not only this, but Twitter also allows users to include links to relevant websites through their tweets.
  • @Reply: Like many other social media platforms, you can also reply to other people’s tweets and conversations using the reply option. It is a public message that you can send. You need to mention the Twitter username of the person that you are replying to.
  • Mention: If you want someone to join the conversation, you can use the mention feature. You need to mention the Twitter username of the person to ask them to join the conversation.
  • Direct message (DM): DM is a private message sent to another Twitter user. No one can see this message apart from the two of you. You need to be connected with the other Twitter user to send a direct message.
  • Retweet (RT): This allows you to share a tweet of some other person. Retweet will help you share the tweet with all of your followers.

Are you now convinced that you can begin to Tweet and market your free Android app with Twitter? Time to get started.

Make sure to apply these methods if you want better results. Additionally, do not forget to read other posts on our website, which might help grow your app business with ease. You can also try AppsGeyser to create professional and top-notch mobile apps.

Last Updated on February 18th, 2021