Global-Coin Review: Uncovering the Basics

Our trading platform of choice today is Global-Coin, a broker offering its clients exclusive access to a range of trading tools. 

Global-Coin is dedicated to providing its clients with sublime research and data tools. 

This ensures that Global-Coin is a leap ahead from the others. Also, the provision of protecting your account from going in the red is a sublime offering quickly differentiating good brokers from the rest.

Lets delve more into what this broker has to offer you.

Global-Coin And Its Interfaces

Majorly trading via two ultra fast interfaces, Global-Coin attempts to reach both active and passive traders in its clientele.

The Browser Platform

The browser platform offers the most seamlessly integrated third party tools that offer a unique myriad of possibilities for both beginners and advanced traders. 

Their web browser offers the investor the ability to define their own indicators. The browser is downloadable over Mac and PC. Provision of multiple screens provides the user with authority to manage their investment as they choose. Multiple indicators provide empowerment and ease of access to multiple assets.

Asset types range between stocks, futures, forwards, swaps, indices, crypto assets, multiple commodities and multiple precious metals and even foreign exchange pairings.

The Mobile Application

Global-Coin also has a on the go application available for the passive investors or simply those who wish to make minimal and quick trading decisions.

It may not have the entire interface like the web platform yet it manages to do the job. The functionality is not impaired for bog sixed transactions and market news is featured too.

This application is available for iPad, iPhone and Android models. Presently, Global-Coin is working on a fingerprint ID login to ensure that investors don’t have to frantically enter login details every time they wish to view their portfolio.

Range Of Offerings At Global-Coin

Global-Coin provides a unique catalogue of majorly traded asset classes. 

Many trading assets are routed via multiple venues and order routing techniques, this offers incredible diversity albeit some avenues generate higher costs for the client. However, their asset market access is incredible and is great for any financial trading enthusiast.

The product range includes the following:

Some Flaws In The Offerings

There are some flaws present in every brokerage platform as no one can be perfect. For the purposes of our research, we discovered that Global-Coin’s customer service is slightly flawed. There is no live chat facility on the website and although customer service teams are available round the clock all week, there is a delay in response since client traffic levels are at an all time high. 

Global-Coin has elaborated on this downside by assuring its clients that they are working on training and recruiting the requisite staff to serve them better. We have to wait and see.

Getting Started With Global-Coin

We believe you must have started weighing the costs and benefits of Global-Coin by now, are you wondering how you can become part of their clientele?

The process is laid below:

  • Open their website and click contact us. Locate the button for a new client request. Send your request through with the details. 
  • The server will email you a protected link to upload your identity documentation scans, upload those as required.
  • Send money to your newly opened trading account using wire transfer or even a credit card.

Simple steps towards the Global-Coin onboarding journey!

Verdict: Global-Coin

The interface is robust and worthy with a end to end secure database connection that protects your portfolio and privacy at all times.

The currency of choice for the platform is US Dollars and you might incur currency conversion fees while funding or withdrawing from your account depending on your bank or financial services provider.

The customer support provision is definitely a big plus to consider when choosing Global-Coin for yourself as any broker is only as good as the support extended to their clients. 

So far, we think Global-Coin is a great option for you to consider for yourself. Are you willing to learn more? Contact them today!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.