How To Sell Your Old Android Phones For Cash

So a brand new Android model has caught your fancy, and you are looking to buy it by getting rid of your old one. You can sell your mobile phone to get some money that will cover a portion of the cost of your new Android handset. In this article, we will share some best practices to follow and the best way to get cash for phones.

Sanitize your phone

It is good to follow certain sanitation practices even for regular use of your Android handset. However, as you try to get rid of your old handset, it becomes much more important to thoroughly clean your phone. It is common for germs and viruses to live on certain surfaces like the bodies of mobiles.

Additionally, there will be your fingerprints, smudges, and other dirt particles, which can look very gross to the seller. You can get a cleaning kit or rather use soapy water or screen wipes to get rid of the dirt from the screen.

Remove SIM and memory cards

It can be common to forget at least your memory card in the handset when selling it off. These are quite important hardware that you must remove before sending it to the buyer. You will need the same SIM card for your new handset, while your memory card will have all your important photos, videos, and other personal data. A slim poking device will be quite handy to pull out the SIM and memory cards from their slots.

In most handsets, the memory card slot is usually with or next to the SIM card slot. You can copy all the data from your phone memory and transfer it to the SD card. Double-check this step to ensure you do not leave any important data in your handset when sending it to the buyer.

Ensure data backup

If you have a Google account, the data related to calendar, contact, and emails will already be backed up in the cloud. So the information will already be available with you once you log in to your Google account from your new handset. Individual phone manufacturers also have their backup platforms that include all your personal data. If you have photos, music, movies, and personal videos, you can back up them on your Google drive or any other third-party app.

Another option is to use a USB cable and the manufacturer’s desktop software for data backup. It will depend on the brand of your handset. It is also important to back up passwords through password managers. They will also save your auto-fill data.

Collect accessories

Besides cleaning your Android phone, it is also important to collect all the accessories that might be lying in various places. You would want to collect your receipt, warranty certificate, and original box. You must also essentially add the wall charger, original USB cable, and headphones in good condition. If you have any third-party accessories they would increase your prospects of getting a good price.

Take pictures

To start with, give your Android handset a good wipe so that it looks sparkling clean. You can preferably use a microfiber cloth to clean it. Use a good camera and a tripod to click some nice pictures with ample lighting. Make sure there are no shadows or dark areas, which could be distracting. Keep the background free from any clutter. It would be better to have a plain background so that your handset stands out. Click pictures from multiple angles and be transparent about the condition of your phone. The buyer will frown upon noticing it later and you will not get the right price for your old mobile phone.

Sell your device

Now that you have wiped your phone, cleaned it to perfection, have gathered all the accessories, it is time to identify where can you sell your Android phone. The option here will decide how much money you will get in return, so choose wisely. Selling phones for cash is easy if you know the basics of it. There are several options like carriers, which are similar to Amazon, or individual companies.

Selling phones to a carrier or marketplace is not ideal because you will not be getting the right price. An individual company, on the other hand, might help you get the right value. You can even sell broken mobile phone to get whatever amount you can, which is better than getting nothing.