5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Telegram Fake Members for your Channel

why you should not buy fake members for telegram

Getting Telegram fake members is one of the most popular ways to promote Telegram Channels. At least one of 3 channel owners have bought Telegram bots at some point. It may look like a great option: to get 1000 Telegram fake subscribers in less than $5 and 1 hour. Sounds amazing, right? But is it a reliable way to promote your Telegram Channel? 

What are Telegram Fake Members?

The goal of fake Telegram members is to increase the count of subscribers of a Telegram channel. All fake subscribers are usually robot-generated users (or just bots). At first sight, they may look quite real – all of them have a proper name, profile image. But once they are added to a channel, they will never be seen online again. They will never view your posts. They will never text you.

Bots serve the main goal to grow the number of subscribers in the shortest time possible. The speed of delivery of fake members is the highest possible. It can take only 1 day to get 200k members to your channel. If you look for organic growth of the channel, you may spend a few months to get the first 1000 members. The benefit of bots in this case is undeniable. But does it matter that you should get fake subscribers for you channel?

5 Reasons Why you Should Never Get Fake Telegram Members?

1. Telegram Deletes Fake Members

Losing fake members is an inevitable thing. Telegram stands strong against bots in channels therefore it deletes such users every day. 

Sure organic users drop Telegram and channels too, but it never happens fast. When real users leave your channel you can actually track it in Recent Actions. But with fakes, it’s very different. You will see a constant drop in your subscribers’ count and 0 events in Recent Actions. It takes 1-2 days to get a major boost by adding fake members and it takes the same 1-2 days to lose them all. 

Investing in fake subsrivers become more and more useless. Why would you spend $100 for members to have 0 members in a few days?

How does it look? The channel owner has bought 250k fake members and in 2 days he started losing them all. The subscribers went from 2,055,444 to 2,259,138 and back to 1,994,482 just in 2 weeks. It doesn’t look very natural, is it? It looks like someone has wasted his money.

fake telegram members deleted by telegram

Before 2020 Telegram was deleting fake members a few times a year, now it deletes them pretty much every day. 

Therefore, if you buy subscribers, buy real:


2. Poor Statistics

If you care about the statistics of your channel, don’t buy fake members. These users don’t generate any activity and don’t view your posts. If you buy 20k members, none of them will view your post. If you had a 50% view rate before bots, be ready to see less than a 10% view rate afterward. Of course, you can buy views once or twice. But you can agree that buying views for the lifetime can be painful. With the bad statistics you will never sell an advertising spot in your channel or will never gain trust from potential clients.

3. Cheap Price is Deceiving

One of the most attractive advantages of adding Telegram fake members is the cheap price. The price depends on the provider, but in general, it will cost you from $0,5 to $4 for 1000 fake members. Meanwhile, organic users and real members may cost up to $100 for 1000. Real members’ price depends on the method of promotion. It can be advertising in channels, Facebook ads, posts by influencers or just buying members. Getting bots may save you up to 1000% of your budget. No surprise channel owners are attracted to such an opportunity.

Why the price is so cheap: 

  1. These members are easy to source. It’s enough to buy software that will generate non-existing users;
  2. Low quality. Fake subscribers don’t bring any activity and can be easily deleted by Telegram itself.

Behind the cheap price, there is a potential of wasting these money and pay twice. As we already have told – Telegram tends to delete fake subscribers from channels. It means you can invest $50 for your channel promotion, get at the end of the day 0 new subscribers and be in the position when you need to invest again.

4. Just an Illusion of Popularity

Some admins expect their channels to go active and popular after buying fake subscribers. But it never happens for a simple reason – these are not real people. Adding fake members to Telegram channel doesn’t make it suddenly popular among real users.

Nevertheless fake members can be useful for new channels. When you start a new channel, getting even 500 members can be a hard challenge. People don’t want to join channels that seem unpopular.

The bigger channel, the more attractive it is for organic users. Big channels grow new subscribers at least 3 times easier than small channels. A big count in subscribers creates an illusion of popularity. If 100k members joined this channel, it means they provide useful and interesting content, right? 

Adding fake members can be a good choice if you need to start a new channel and attract real users.


5. It Can Ruin Your Reputation

We have said that fake members can help your organic growth, but when you overuse it, it will harm you. Users can see if the channel is genuine or filled with bots. 

If your channel is strictly for fun and entertainment (movies, books, etc), you shouldn’t be worried. In this case people rely on the quality of your content. They won’t probably care about your view rate.  

But if you sell products and services, be careful. Before deciding to invest their money in goods and services, people research – they look for reviews and proofs to trust. And how you can trust a seller with a fake community. And trust us it’s not hard to understand if you added fake members to your Telegram channel. Don’t be surprised to see a drop in your sales after adding bots. After filling channels with bots, some admins chase for income so desperately. They post fake screenshots of chats with clients. They hope it will help subscribers and potential clients to gain trust. But it never works. As we said before, people are not stupid. Your users can see if something is genuine or not.Do not ever post fake screenshots with reviews from clients if you don’t want to ruin your reputation. And do not ever buy a big amount of bots if you don’t want to ruin your reputation. 

There’s nothing pleasant about losing your investments and starting a channel from scratch.

So, how can users understand that you have fake Telegram Channel members?

  1. View rate

The simplest way to understan

d if the channel is real or fake is to look at the view rate. Usually, channels have >10% view rate, the good view rate is >30%. But the channels with bots instead of members have even <5%. Have you ever seen the channel with 100k members but 100 views? 

  1. Vote rate

The thing with the view rate is that you can trick the statistics and buy views! Yes, apart from buying fake Telegram members, you can buy fake Telegram views. But if you post something with voting inside, users will be surprised to see only 1 vote from 1000 views. 

  1. Look at open statistics at tgstat.com

This is the most reliable way to track how channels use fake members for their channel growth. Tgstat shows an information about Telegram channel. You can explore channels, look at their profile pages and find the full statistics including the growth.

This is an example of a channel with fake members. Just in 2 days, it went from 0 members to 89905. Getting 89k members in a short time is never an organic growth.

fake telegram members

In other words, do not buy fake subscribers if you don’t want to waste your money and get in the situation when you have to start a new channel. If you want a stable and still fast growth of your Telegram channel, consider other methods to promote it.

Is there any Alternative to Adding Fake Telegram Members?

We don’t advice you to add fake members to your Telegram channel, since it’s not safe and can lead to losing these members. What we offer you to buy real Telegram members.

Real Telegram Members

Real members are real people usually delivered through special tools. For example through Telegram apps with auto-subscription to channels. It may cost you 2-5 times more than bots, but you will get more benefits. 


Why is Real Telegram Member a Better Choice?

  1. Telegram doesn’t delete real members

This is the main real to opt for real members other than bots. Telegram doesn’t delete them. If you buy 1000 members, be sure they stay with you. Even if some of them leave, it will look as an organic drop. Losing 10 members a day is less harmful than losing 1k members a day.

  1. Delivery up to 10 days

Getting real members may not be as fast as bots. You won’t get 100k members in 1 day. But you can get 1k members in 1 day. It’s still faster than any organic promotion.

  1. >10% view rate

Real members generate view rate of 10-30%. It means you don’t need to buy extra views to make your channel look genuine.

  1. Still cheaper than advertising

Yes, you can buy 1000 bots for $1, but eventually you will lose all these members. Losing $1 might not be painful. But keep in mind the channel that lost over 200k fake members right after buying them. It’s painful. Meanwhile, you can get 1000 real members for $10 and sleep safe knowing they won’t leave tomorrow.

  1. Potential clients

Since these are real users, some of them can get interested in your content, products, and services. We have multiple success stories from channel owners about Forex, Shopping, Betting. They managed to convert their real members into clients. What a pleasant bonus to instant channel boost!