Useful Tricks For Unrooted Android Devices

Rooting a smartphone is, of course, your only choice whether you’re trying to unlock the maximum power of your Android smartphone. But rooting may not start without several disadvantages. With one thing, once you root your smartphone, you believe the creator of the root system not to provide malicious code or bypass access. Then again, the rooting of a handset is a mechanism that, with its design, would circumvent any protection protections placed in effect by the mobile maker and expose the smartphone to any number of possible compromises. Also, visit to get the best financial services.

Luckily, the Android developer culture is usually friendly and has lots of positive desires, but, this kind of dirty playing has been unlikely to our knowledge. The positive thing is whether the Android OS has improved tremendously from its inception, and many consumers feel as they no more have to root one’s smartphones to access the features, they like to enjoy the benefits. Below are a few of our favourite ‘tricks’ that you should follow with an unrooted smartphone even if they appear to remain off the worth a visit.

Create Unique Widgets 

Widgets are a smart way to utilize the features of specific applications right from the comfort of your main screen. Thankfully, you appear to be confined to the creativity and aesthetic sensitivities of the game’s creator. If you’d prefer to allow your user display to represent your style and personality, consider installing an application like Stylish Widgets to offer your smartphone a unique touch. You may also establish keys to prevent you from accessing the same old menus countless times over.

Monitor Your Windows Pc Remotely

Google’s Remote Desktop software makes it easy to use your Android to access your Computer from everywhere. You never have to download any heavy applications, and the configuration is so rapid that you’re fully operational in far less than 10 min. Perhaps five minutes unless you’re fantastic at multimedia. This implementation method has two halves. You must update and customize the Chrome software on your Desktop, on the one side.

It’s a fluid operation, and then let’s begin with stuff on the Computer side.  First, grab the Chrome Remote Desktop software from the Chrome Store. If the software has been enabled, the software can take you via a series of instructions. Only obey the directions and give the software the approvals it wants, so you’ll be well off in no period. After the Chrome Remote Desktop has been mounted, you would be asked to have a 6-digit Key. Consider this number since you’ll want it to reach your machine from your Android smartphone.

Change The Dpi

Some phones still provide options to change the DPI, but many do not. Although it’s simple enough to adjust the DPI of your monitor if you’re installed, the fact is whether you should perform it without root. But it’s reasonably fast.

  1. Allow USB debugging in Settings > Developer Tools. When you have never activated Developer Tools before, initially move to Settings> About Phone and afterward press Build Number seven times.
  2. Download and update ABD software and ADB for Windows. After downloading Minimal ADB, the command prompt would appear. Up until now, leave it open.
  3. Connect your Android smartphone to your Laptop/PC. You will get a request telling you to approve the debugging of your Computer, so you will need to press OK.
  4. To adjust the DPI, you need to move straight to a Minimal ADB command prompt window and utilize the specific code.
  5. The system will be immediately restarted, and you can see the difference in location if you’d like to restore the DPI to an initial for some cause; head straight to the ADB and enter the unique code.


The Android OS has gone a long direction despite how it can do through alteration. Although enhanced protection features make smartphones more challenging to root, this drawback is compensated by the great degree of independence that an Android smartphone will enjoy straight out of the package Things that formerly needed complicated adjustments are now as simple as downloading the application pressing a few parameters. These are our favourite rootless hacks of Android.