What technological solutions are profitable to invest in in 2024?

Modern technologies permeate all spheres of our lives, and digitalization continues to evolve. In this article, we will discuss how fast the field of mobile games is developing, what technological breakthroughs are happening in the banking sector, and why it is important to test software. This will help you understand how to invest money more effectively in end-to-end application development services.

What are the trends in mobile game development? Forecasts from experts

mobile game development
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One of the best IT investment solutions is mobile gaming. This market is growing very fast. The most important reason for the development of mobile gaming is the high availability of mobile communications. The market of mobile games must be protected from recession, as they write in the article Forbes. In times of difficult economic situations or cataclysms, when investments in the advertising sector or online stores decrease, people start playing mobile games even more to distract themselves from reality and relax.

Although free-to-play games display advertising, and players perceive it as payment for content, developers must avoid overdoing it. Too much advertising will distract the user, and he may go to competitors.

The rapid spread of mobile gaming among people is evidenced by the fact that it has long ceased to be exclusively a male affair. According to research, almost half of all mobile game players in the US are women.

This opens up great opportunities to develop games specifically for women that will offer relevant advertising to them. Experts recommend creating simple, beautiful, casual games with meditative gameplay and engaging the player for an extended period. Thanks to this, the threshold for entering games is significantly reduced; therefore, as many people as possible can join the game.

The rapid growth of the mobile games market and the high flexibility and adaptability of this business make it profitable to invest in it.

Was the pandemic the peak of mobile gaming or a new beginning? How do we make money from games more effectively?

When people locked themselves in their homes en masse, there was an incredible surge of online activity. Especially related to the entertainment industry, such as mobile game development services. After the end of quarantine restrictions, streaming services with movies and series began to lose their customers sharply, but mobile games continue to develop, and this market is constantly growing.

Due to the rapid development of world economies, people work more and buy more things, but their level of socialization is decreasing. People are closing in on themselves in their headphones and phones. As an example, we can mention Japan, where the level of economic development is very high, but also the suicide rate due to loneliness is high.

As Forbes writes, people find the communication they need thanks to mobile games. That’s not to say that a game has to have multiplayer to be successful.

People want to become part of some community to feel more important. It is advantageous to use it when distributing the application, that is, to offer users the opportunity to communicate with other community members, for example, to share their experiences or achievements. For example, when passing a level in a mobile level, the user will see how he moves in the rating among other users.

Marketers can make the most of the opportunity for users to post videos or images on social networks. This means that friends and acquaintances of specific people on social networks can see how someone is playing an exciting game and wants to try it. As it was a hundred years ago, so now, people trust the advice of those they know personally the most.

A great solution would be the ability to link a game account with social networks, mainly if users can exchange game currency or resources with their friends. The conclusion is that games are becoming social.

Technologies have revolutionized the banking industry.

Digital transformation in banking significantly changes the rules of the game. Thanks to modern technologies, banks can process customers’ financial transfers faster and improve their interactions with them.

High-quality digital services protect banks from fraud. For example, a promising startup appears in which the bank plans to invest funds for profit. Where is the guarantee that this startup will not disappear after receiving investment? Modern digital transformations in the banking sector are needed precisely to check electronic fraud.

Over the past six years, the level of integration of computer systems in the banking sector has doubled. Big banks actively use Big Data to calculate possible risks from financial transactions. This helps to protect themselves from significant losses, which makes these financial institutions more reliable and competitive. Big Data allows people to be more careful when hiring personnel and lending to businesses.

Banks actively use unique analytical platforms that can make forecasts for months or years ahead based on data from this year and previous years’ financial statements. Thanks to this, it is possible to see trends and make reliable forecasts to conduct the most effective policy. Only recently was this entirely possible with digital transformation.

Digital transformations affected not only large but also small banks. They are actively implementing the KYC system, which allows you to process all data quickly before issuing a loan to the client. When the client’s case is checked manually, it takes two hours to several days to decide whether to grant a loan. Thanks to modern technology, this time has decreased dramatically, reducing the risk of error due to the human factor.

Why is qualitative software testing so important?

New creative ideas for digitalizing various types of businesses open up great development opportunities. However, after the latest technological solutions are developed, they must be qualitatively tested before being used by customers. Why is this so important?

  • The first impression is very significant. That is why if the user encounters bugs or a non-optimized program and gets an unpleasant experience, he will not use this application again.
  • Application errors can create a backdoor, which risks leaking user data or losing money for the company. That is why it is essential to find these backdoors in time and eliminate them, with which they help you with quality assurance testing services.
  • Thanks to QA engineers, the product has become user-friendly. This means that the application’s user immediately understands what this or that button means. Every detail of the interface should be in a logical place and also look logical. The main goal is to make the interface intuitive.

The primary purpose of testing is to check whether there are any defects in the software. For example, if the user enters the banking application, he must log in to his account, select his card, view the account and transfer money to another card. All actions should take place without hangs and errors in the program. This is the norm, but there is a lot of work behind it.Good testing has resulted in perfect drivers for many products. To use all modern technological software as comfortably as possible, you must have high-quality Logitech Keyboard Drivers. In this case, the operating system will work perfectly with your keyboard.