What are the best bitcoin wallets for android devices?

Android-based wallets have made transferring cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies a piece of cake. However, each cryptocurrency wallet compatible with the android device has its features and qualities, and you have to choose the best wallet according to your convenience. Suppose you have an interest in bitcoin trading. Visit Bitcoin Era to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading. 

Android-based digital coin wallets comprise different kinds.  Unfortunately, few service providers appear in leading bitcoin wallets and are compatible with android devices. Below listed are the best bitcoin wallet compatible with android devices. 


Exodus is not merely compatible with the android device but also a computing system. The UI of this exchange is smooth and exceedingly engaging. Unlike other cryptocurrency wallets supported on an android device, departure allows you to change between digital currencies. The digital currencies you can change between using a departure is more than 100. 

Exodus is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for beginners; however, the departure is not equipped with an open-source. A closed source wallet in the cryptocurrency industry might sound negative as it circumvents the decentralized attributes of this entire system. On the other hand, the departure is equipped with exciting features like transaction fees customization. By default, the exodus cryptocurrency wallet has set up a transaction fees system and mutates it based on the network strength. 


Electrum is another android based dedicated cryptocurrency wallet. Electrum mainly focuses on storing bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies. Unlike Exodus, Electrum is equipped with an open-source, and it does not circumvent the decentralized attributes of digital currency. Just like a departure, you can also change the transaction fees of transactions on this wallet. Furthermore, Electrum is equipped with all the features a profound cryptocurrency wallet should have, such as Multi signatures security protocols and robust 2-factor authentication. 

Electrum is appropriate for storing bitcoin, but this cryptocurrency wallet’s more advanced version stores other digital currencies. In addition, Electrum is a digital currency wallet that has hot and cold storage availability. In short, Electrum can be transformed into a hardware wallet as well. Many YouTube videos teach you how to convert an android phone into a dedicated hardware wallet. 


Mycelium is one of the best free of cost android based cryptocurrency wallets. Similar to Electrum, mycelium also has both hot and cold storage features. Similar to Electrum, Mycelium has an open-source code. Mycelium is not compatible with any other device except android devices. 

Mycelium supports bitcoin transactions and transactions of other cryptocurrencies like ether. Mycelium and Electrum are highly analogous to one another. The only difference between Mycelium and Electrum is that Electrum is compatible with every device, including a computer. All the more, Electrum is a dedicated bitcoin wallet. The highlight of Mycelium wallet is that this application is also compatible with a physical wallet.  

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is not typically an Android-based wallet, but it is compatible with android phones and iOS devices. Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet product of the ledger company. Ledger Nano X was not the top hardware wallet released by this company, but it was rose to international prominence in no time. Ledger Nano is a very tiny hardware wallet, and one can buy this product from any online marketplace. You can purchase this product for $119.

 Since Ledger Nano X is not a cloud-based cryptocurrency wallet, a user cannot also avail of the benefits of cloud storage. In short accessing funds from the ledger, a wallet is a little more complicated than any of the above-listed wallets. Moreover, ledger Nano X is not a hardware wallet compatible with android devices. You might think if ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet, can a user connect with an Android device? Ledger Nano X comprises Bluetooth connectivity and cable support. 

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the lite version of the above-listed hardware wallet, and it is the first-ever product of the ledger company. Ledger Nano S comes at half-price as ledger Nano x, but this wallet’s Bluetooth connectivity and cryptocurrency support are weaker than Nano X. 

The above-listed portion demonstrates some best bitcoin wallets for android devices.