Best cryptocurrency exchange for android devices!

Android devices and cryptocurrencies are getting along very well these days. Accessing digital coins is more uncomplicated and easy with the help of an android device. People usually draw an analogy between the stock and cryptocurrency exchanges, but are they similar? No, these markets hold a large number of differences from one another. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit BitQT Auto-App to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading.

 Cryptocurrency wallets allow the transfer of virtual coins separately from a cryptocurrency exchange. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are compatible with android devices, but not every platform is trustworthy. Here listed are a few famous cryptocurrency exchanges that are also compatible with android devices. 


The time binance entered the exchange marketplace; it was exceedingly competitive. However, Binance came in and acquired the marketable significantly in just one year. Moreover, Binance is a cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange; in other words, the compatibility of this exchange is not restricted just to android devices. Binance succeeded in such a short period because it targeted the user base that trades in an altcoin.

 An altcoin is a significant part of the cryptocurrency industry, and majorly digital coin exchange focuses on trading bitcoin as it is the most popular one. The local version of this cryptocurrency exchange came in 2017, but this exchange’s international and US versions came into live-action in 2019. Binance debit card services have also acquired traction, and this was possible because they collaborated with the SWIF technologies. The availability of altcoin on this international exchange is more than 100. 

The transaction fees on Binance are comparatively less, and it also provides real-time insight into all the crypto prices that are tradable. Therefore, Binance is very popular amongst mainstream traders. The Android version of binance is much simpler than the desktop version. If you want to simplify it, you can turn on the lite mode in the binance application. Binance application is available on both the play store and app store. 


Coinbase arrived way earlier than Binance and currently have a neck to neck competition. In the United States, Coinbase is preferred by investors and traders as it charges fewer transaction fees for domestic transactions and exchanges. Coinbase comprises two versions, Coinbase basic and Coinbase pro. As the name suggests, Coinbase pro is more appropriate for professional traders and investors. In 

Coinbase pro version also educates investors and traders with different kinds of videos. Transaction fees are not differentiating between Coinbase basic and Coinbase pro version, as other trading features and leverage options make Coinbase pro worth a shot. In addition, Coinbase is compatible with almost every android device.

 Coinbase consists of a custody wallet alongside full insurance to prevent major theft attacks and losses of the customer. The cryptocurrency trading pair available on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is 123.! appears in the list of 100 leading cryptocurrency exchanges, and its cyber security features make it robust amongst other contenders. For example, cryptocurrency exchange has implicated various strategies in encrypting every exchange. In addition, this exchange charges a little more minor if a user has transferred cash into their user account. 

The massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in makes it similar to binance. The drawback of this exchange includes costly services related to a debit card. Moreover, the international version of this exchange does not have a similar number of features as the local exchange version. correspondingly lacks digital coin to digital coin trading options.


Bisq is also compatible with android devices and has a dedicated app present on the play store. However, Bisq is not a centralized cryptocurrency exchange like any above-listed platforms. Bisq does not host any KYC program to know about the identity of a user. The pros of using Bisq for executing cryptocurrency transactions are the complete privacy of the user, a gigantic extent of exchange options, and compatibility with iOS devices.

 The disadvantages of using a decentralized exchange like Bisq on android devices include a lesser exchange pace, slumped trading volume, delayed updating the spot price, and being structured only for arbitrage trading. Moreover, Bisq is not structured for the sole purpose of active trading as it doesn’t comprise a heavy trading volume, and thus, cryptocurrency exchange faces challenges to update the spot price. 

The above-listed portion describes popular cryptocurrency exchanges for android devices.