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Create your own Wix app. Turn your website into mobile app to get new users and clients within a few simple steps.  No coding or designing skills required. 

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Convert Wix Website to App in 1 minute

Turning your Wix website to a digital and mobile market shouldn’t be hard and expensive. Making an Android app from Wix website is free and simple. Expand your business, gain new customers, build customer loyalty within minutes. 

Free and Easy Wix Mobile App Builder

Building an Android app from a Wix website takes only 1 minute! Use a simple step-by-step guide to get the Wix app right now.

No hidden costs or charges at all stages of your app development. 

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Instant Access to APK file

You will get a fully functioning Android APK file of your Wix App. It’s ready for distribution right away. You can share Wix Android app on Google Play and other app markets, or just share it among friends and clients.

Create App for Wix Website with Features

Fast and secured

Light APK to load an app within a few seconds. Works with any type of network connection: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi

Social Media Tabs

Add your Social Media links to Wix App: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog.

Push Notifications

Reach your Wix App users directly through push notifications, share news, updates and special offers.

Android Support

Fully supports any version of Android and suitable for Google Play publication right away.


How to Convert Wix Website to a Mobile App?

6 steps to make an Android app from Wix website for free

  • 1
    Open App Template
    Click on "Create App Now" button or go directly to and choose a Website App template.
  • 2
    Insert Website link​
    Copy-Paste your Wix website link. Make sure you use the full address. You can easily create a mobile app from the homepage or any other URL.
  • 3
    Add Social media links​
    Add Social media links to create tabs in your app. The app supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog. If you don't have any of them or you don't want to share it, move to the next step of your app development.
  • 4
    Add the name of your app
    Type the name of your app. You can duplicate your business brand name, title of your Wix website or create a new one. Add keywords to your app title to make it more visible and searchable for Android users.
  • 5
    Choose an icon
    Upload your logo. If you don't have a logo, you can use default icons on Wix App Builder or design it from scratch (on icon generator or with photo editors).
  • 6
    Publish App on Google Play​
    You can download your APK file and publish it on Google Play or any other Android App market. You can share your app without publishing it anywhere with your special AppsGeyser link.

Create Android App From Any Website

You can make a mobile app from any link or website. 

You don’t need to be an owner of the website to convert it to an Android app. Make apps from existing blogs, weather forecasts, news, fashion, online games or other websites with Wix app creator. Apart from Wix, you can make Android apps from websites created on Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, or any other CMS and website builder.

Create Wix Website App for Android in 1 minute!

AppsGeyser Free Wix App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing website apps is free!

Free Wix App Creator makes mobile app development accessible for everyone. You don’t need to know how to code or design to make your Wix website apps. AppsGeyser offers more than 30 ready-to-use app templates for Android with free features. 

Benefits of Creating Wix Website App

Making an app for a Wix website allows you to grow your users and sales, build customer loyalty, and get new sources of income.  Over 75% of web users prefer mobile devices over PC and laptops. With apps, users can easily access your content, services and products. It doesn’t matter if you have a store website or just a media news portal, building an Wix App can help you to grow your business and increase visibility.



Wix Apps Created Already

Do You Still Have Questions?

How to create an app for a Wix website?

To create an Android app for a Wix webiste, you need to open Website App Template on AppsGeyser, then add website link, name of your app and icon. It takes a minute to build a Wix Android app.

Do I need to know how to code to make an app from Wix website?

No! you can create a website app without any coding. Just fill simple forms and fields to get your mobile application for Android.

Is it really free to make a Wix website app?

Yes! No hidden charges. For your better experience, we have premium features, but even without them you can easily create and distribute a fully functioning app for Android. 

How long does it take to create Wix Android app?

It takes from 1 to 5 minutes. It depends only on the speed of your internet connection. To convert your website to Android app you need to have URL and name for your app.

Can I convert a website created on other CMS like Wordpress, Drupal?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what platform do you use for your website. All you need to have a working URL. It’s enough to make an Android app from a website.

What do I need to make an app for a Wix website?

To convert your Wix website you need to click on “Create App” button on this page, it will open the template form.  It takes 3 steps to create a website app: 1) insert your website link; 2) put the name of your app; 3) add an icon of the app. 

Do I need to download software or extension to convert the Wix website to Android app?

No, AppsGeyser App Builder is an online platform. You need an access to Internet and modern web-browser to convert your Wix site to a mobile app. You don’t need to download any plugins, extensions, software.

Can I monetize my Wix website app for Android?

Yes, you can join the Monetization program and start making money by showing advertising in your Wix website mobile app. Or you can add in-app purchase features and monetize your app with in-apps.

Can I change my Wix site app after it is created or published?

Yes. Any time you can go to “Edit” menu tab on your App Builder Dashboard and change anything you need – the website link, social media tabs, icon, description, name, etc.

How many Wix website apps can I make?

With free Wix App Builder you can make an unlimited number of Android apps for free and without coding. We don’t have limits for any app templates. 

What other mobile apps can I create?

AppsGeyser App Builder has more than 30 app templates for you and your creativity: convert your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, PDF file to a mobile app, create a browser, video calling chat, messenger, book reader, business card and more other apps. 

How is AppsGeyser different from other App Makers?

AppsGeyser Wix App Creator is simple-to-use and absolutely free. We have simple a interface. You don’t need to drag-and-drop, you need to fill the forms to get an Andoid app. Building apps, getting your APK files and sharing your apps on our own App Market is free.

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