Downloading Your AppsGeyser Android App

The time will come will come when you have finally finished  creating an app,  and you will want to see it in action. The first thing you need to do is to download your AppsGeyser Android app to your own device so you can see how it works. The reason we suggest that you download the app to your own device prior to uploading it to an app store is so you can test the app.

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Android app marketing – Utilizing your QR code

Scan your app

The easiest way to get your app onto your device without adding it to an app store is to scan the QR code into your device. This is very simple to do. Download a simple QR reader app onto your device and start scanning.

The QR code is very similar to the bar code that you will see printed on all in-store products. This technology provides us with information about the product. Information stored on barcodes usually includes the price of an item, how many products are available in the store, where the product comes from and so forth. The AppsGeyser App QR code is not much different. Our QR code contains all the coding and data that needs to be transferred to your app. By scanning the code onto your mobile device, you will gain instant access to your app.


The folder in which the files and coding for your app is saved in is called an APK. This actually means ‘Android application package’. You will need to download your APK onto your desktop. It is important that you remember where you saved it to, because you will need to upload this to the app store of your choice.

If you want to learn more about uploading your APK, watch this video tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is an online platform. You can create Android apps, for example, photo editing apps without downloading any software. Just go to

How to download APK from AppsGeyser?

1. Go to your AppsGeyser dashboard;
2. Choose the App on the top of your page;
3. Click on Download APK button;
4. Wait for the app to be built;
5. Once you see “App is ready”, click on the green button to download it;
6. Wait for the APK to be downloaded.

Is it free to download APK from AppsGeyser?

It’s free. AppsGeyser doesn’t charge for downloading APK files created on the app builder.

How long does it take to download APK from AppsGeyser?

It depends on the speed of the Internet connection. Usually, it takes 15 seconds to build APK and up to 30 seconds to download it.