4 Steps to make an Android App for Free

how to make andoird app for free

How to make an Android app?

App making is one of IT branches that don’t seem to fall down, and it even gains more and more strength since most web traffic is now generated by mobile gadgets. But let’s look behind the doors of mobile applications development and learn more about how to make an Android app. Right away, we have to tell it is not an easy or fast process, usually, it takes from 3 months to a few years to develop an application. These are the standard stages of app making:

  1. Make an app concept and define a big idea
  2. Come up with functionality and features
  3. Make wireframe and mockups
  4. Develop the main functionality
  5. Complete a full design
  6. Code to combine design and functionality
  7. Test an app
  8. Code to fix problems
  9. Test an app again
  10. Publish an app
  11. Revise and improve an app

This process can take months or years, you can go from stage 9 back to stage 8 or even 3. And that doesn’t include that you need more than $2000 to hire a developer to code a basic and simple functionality or $500 to pay to a designer or 3 years of your life to learn to code yourself. 

But if you have an idea for an app, but you don’t have coding skills or money? Can you make an app right now?  Yes! You can! Moreover, this 11 steps process can easily be turned into 4 steps development.

How to make an Android app for free without coding? 4 Easy Steps

  1. Come up with a concept. 

This is the important step, before diving into developing, you need to understand what you want to create. Maybe you already have a concept. Maybe you have an online business already and you want to convert it to the app. Maybe you don’t have any ideas. How to generate ideas? You can research popular and trending apps on markets, look at trends in the world or in your country (use Google Trends for example), research the sphere where you work or study to find an issue you can solve with an app. Get some inspiration from friends and colleagues; this can help bring some new and creative ideas to the table. 

The app should be useful and solve users’ problems (possible problems: where to watch new movies? where to buy new sneakers at a low price? how can I easily call a cab? etc). Without a big idea and real value, it will be hard to gain installs.

  1. Choose a free and ready-to-go app template.

Making apps doesn’t necessarily mean you need to code. There are ready-to-go templates for apps that you can just use. This is the base for your app coded by professionals, ready for your use. Usually, app templates have simple guidance and interface, so you can finish your application without any skills. Just go to an online App Creator and choose the most fitting app template for your idea. There are more than 30 online and free templates to cover your needs. Once you pick a template, follow step-by-step instructions and fill the forms.

  1. Add unique content.

This is the most creative and fun part of the app development process. You need to combine your app idea with the template and fill it with useful content and design. You need to provide appealing and engaging materials inside. If you want to create an app version of your (or not yours) website, Facebook page, blog, then this stage will be easier for you. All you need is to copy-paste your URL and customize the layout.  

But if you build an application from scratch, then you need to provide texts, media files, etc. You can create content for a specific niche or with a unique style (for example, make a famous 2048 game or puzzle, but with images of your local community). 

If we speak about layout, your next step will be making a design. Good thing is that nowadays you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make something special and interesting. There are a lot of online editors, icon-generators on the web. You can even use design presets in App Creator’s Template.  

At this stage don’t forget about the most essential parts of your application: name, description, icon.

  1. Publish app.

Create a Developer account on Google Play and publish your app to make it available to billion Android users. Apart from Google Play, there are other markets. But Google Play is the biggest one and it offers better opportunities (more installs, monetization, an unlimited number of published apps). And you don’t need to test and re-do your app before publishing. App Creator test all templates on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure that developers get the best app quality. 

You can make an additional step if you want – revise and improve your app. Follow what your users say in comments and upgrade your app. It may include fixing some issues, making your design more interesting, creating new screenshots or icons, adding new features – push notifications, in-app purchases, switching on and off ads.

How to make an Android app with AppsGeyser App Creator?

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