Make an App and Name It with Style

We see hundreds, well, thousands of apps being created on a daily basis. Each app is unique, and brings with it its own individual style. App naming is an important part of your app success strategy. When you consider naming your app, you need to remember that you are about to bring some personality to your app. This is what will make or break your app success. When you make an app and name it with style, your app success will increase ten-fold.

Today we are going to look at the importance of your app name, and how this seemly small detail can make or break your app.

1: Use a key word tool such as Google Adwords – You need your app to be found in searches, or else you will make an app that will simply sit hidden in an Android store forever. Use Google Adwords to help you find a decent keyword for your app name. Google Adwords will show which keywords are being searched for, and therefore you can see how you can incorporate this into your app name.

2: Trial and error – Do you really think that successful app makers publish just one app and become successful? There are many trials and errors in app making. You need to be prepared to publish, try, and publish again.

3: Relevance – Wow, the phrase ‘Big Dogs’ is showing 1 million search views. That must be what you need to name your app.  But wait – your app is about cats, so don’t get excited over keywords that aren’t relevant. If you are getting 2000 downloads a day using your new keywords, but over 50% of these downloads are deleted because the app was deceptive and not what the app user thought it would be about, then this will seriously affect your app rankings for the worse.

4: Competition – Using the same keywords as your competitors will prove counterproductive. You don’t want to bring your competitors’ apps up through a search for your app. What you can do, though, is look at the keywords your competitors are using as a way of getting some ideas of which style of keywords work. You also need to pay attention to the competition rating within Adwords. This will show you how popular a word is. If the competition rate is high, this means that many people are using this keyword and therefore it may not be the most effective for you.

Last Updated on March 22nd, 2022