Instagram is a social media platform that has more than one billion active followers every month and is one of the best options when it comes to promoting your business or brand if you are looking to gain exposure and target your ideal audience. Being one of the most powerful and efficient tools for brands and businesses that are starting out, this social media platform helps influencers and these brands connect, and collaborate, thus increasing the exposure for both parties. One of the most important facts to know when you start with your Instagram account is that you need to make your Instagram account public and convert it into a business profile if you are looking for exposure and to gain Instagram followers. You need to make sure that your Instagram profile is a business Instagram account mainly because of the fact that you will be able to monitor your progress and growth, as well as engagements and interactions between your brand and the audiences through one of the best and known features of Instagram, which is called Instagram insights and is only available when your Instagram account is changed to the Instagram Business account. You can read more about Path Social to know specific details on Ig business account.

So, what are the five effective ways you can use the insights feature available on Instagram?

1. Monitor and check if you have linked your links well.

This is one of the best things you need to do when it comes to converting your Instagram because of the fact that it also leads your potential customers or the people who come to visit your profile to the links you have updated on your Instagram bio work and are functional as well. This will not only help you generate indirect leads to your other social media profiles and websites but will also make sure that you have optimized your Instagram bio well.

2. Helps in analyzing your audience. 

Instagram insights help in analyzing your audience, which further helps you to understand who exactly is your audience and what exactly do they expect from you, content-wise. The Instagram insights also tell you who exactly is your audience in terms of demographics of your audience, where they are from in terms of countries, and who exactly make up your audience as a majority in terms of gender, age and so on. This helps you to create content and cater to the needs of your audience and what they may like.

3. Instagram insights also help in analyzing what type of content works well for your content and you.

Now, when you open the insights bar of your Instagram profile, you will be able to analyze the insights of each of your posts, along with the rate of engagement on each post coupled with the fact that you get to know which post does well, and the rate of content interactions that is generated with every post you post. Higher the rate of your engagements, the higher the chances your content would be featured in the explore page and the promotion of your content. 

4. Instagram insights tell you how many people actually go through your profile. 

This is actually helpful as this tells you that people are actually interested in your content. Or if they are actually interested enough to follow you for the content you post. It tells you how many people actually visit your profile per day or in a week and the posts that have actually helped in bringing in more profile visits. The number of profile visits actually matter because of the fact that it tells you that people after seeing or rather, viewing your post actually take the efforts to come and check your Instagram profile out, and if that profile visit to your profile even manages to get converted to a follow, that is organic instagram growth because the Instagram user actually liked your content enough to follow you. It means that you are on the right track and you should definitely not stop. 

5. Instagram insights helps you monitor the discoverability through hashtags.

Now, all of us know the importance of hashtags and why exactly are they so important when it comes to adding them into your Instagram market strategy. This also means that hashtags are an integral part of your marketing strategy for Instagram because they not only help your target consumer audience to find you and your potential followers to follow you, it also increases the rate of engagements and interactions. This is why you should add hashtags to your posts, and relevant hashtags. Now, how do Instagram insights help here? Instagram insights help in letting you know which hashtags on Instagram actually work for you and which do not. They tell you how many profile visits have been converted because of the hashtags and helps you understand and reform your marketing strategy better which helps you grow your presence on Instagram as well. To grow your audience and presence, you can however get the Instagram bots.

These were the five effective ways that were actually tried and understood before writing this article and should help you in your journey of growing as a brand on the social media platform, Instagram. In fact, these five effective ways are one of the best ways to actually grow organically and make sure that you grow an interactive and engaging audience for your brand. This will also help in shaping your Instagram marketing strategy and help you understand what you are doing right and what is not working for you.