Most Successful App Topic of All Times: Local Community App

Yesterday with the start of the school year happening around the world, we decided to introduce the idea of creating an educational niche app network. I thank you all for your input and comments. I was astounded to see the number of new gaming apps that were created yesterday, and I am sure there are now many kids around the world enjoying these games that were created just for them. Today I want to take the idea of niche apps a little further, and take you through the stages of creating a business using the most successful app topic of all times: the local community app.

A successful app is one that has a loyal audience that uses the app frequently. Our statistics show that the apps that make the most impact on their audience are not those that focus on an international audience but those that are community based. These apps are created for a very specific audience that are seeking very specific content.  Let us take a closer look at how we can build a local community app with AppsGeyser’s Android app builder.

What is a local community app?

Many app makers believe that they need to attract the widest possible audience in order to achieve app success. However, this is not always the best way to go. Our research shows that the more specific you are with your audience, the more you can focus upon insuring your content is suitable to each individual audience member’s need. Once you are producing content that is audience specific, your audience will not only download and use your app frequently, but they will also recommend your app to others within the community.

A community based app is very specific. It is an app that is created for a very specific audience within a chosen location. The reason why this style of app is successful is due to the need of the community to know what is happening in their environment.  The main reason behind creating a local community app is to encourage social communication and share local information. Keeping your content updated ensures that your app is used frequently and thus earns you more money.

Android app builder template tools – Great for your local community app

How can I create a local community app?

This app idea can be split into a number of smaller apps with one large app incorporating all the relevant news and communication channels available. We suggest that for maximum success you need a forum website which can be linked to your app, and also social networking pages. Once you have these in place, you can start to create your AppsGeyser app by using HTML and tabs. The HTML page will be built with all the links for your advertising. You can have two or three of these pages with different categories. Then attach a further two tabs, one for your forum and one for your social network.

You can make an HTML page using our template. Click here for more details. AppsGeyser’s Android app builder will provide you with the tools you need, and you may always contact our team for assistance if you get stuck.

Why will a local community app make you more money?

A local community app is definitely the app that will make you money. The reason behind the financial success of building a community based app is that you earn a great income from advertising local businesses and services. Your audience gets to benefit from exclusive app based deals, encouraging them to visit your app again and again. The local businesses benefit from improved trade, and you just get to sit back and enjoy the revenue that is derived from the advertisements. Private advertisements are generally secured for a three month, six month or yearly term, and are a constant income for app makers as opposed to banner ads that generate a lower variable income.

Good luck and happy app making.