Banner Ads in Android: How They Work in Your Favor

Banner Ads in Android

What is all the hype about these banner ads anyway? Do you have an Android app that you want to put banner ads in? If you are looking for a comprehensive guide into the world of banner ads, here’s how to make an app with AppsGeyser and put banner ads in Android.

Whatever your reason is, we know why you would want to make an app. To make money! And you can’t deny us here. Every individual or business making an app does it intending to make money.

And mobile app banner ads are one of the fastest ways to make money. In this post, we’ll go over the importance of banner ads Android and educate you on how you can make them effective.

What Is Banner Ads Android?

A banner ad is also called a web banner at times. But the term ‘web banner’ is not applicable in this case as we’ll be covering banner ads in Android. A banner is a piece of advertisement placed by a third party.

The main goal of banner ads is increasing visibility for the brand and earning a commission for you in return. A banner ad can be a .png file, a .jpg file or a .gif file. Thanks to the diversity of formats supported, a banner ad can be static or animated.

As for Android, a banner ad is placed on an empty space in the app. As a developer, you can allocate specific areas where a third party will be able to place their ads.

History of Banner Ads

Banner ads might be popular now, thanks to the boom of digital marketing and advancement in Internet technology. But the first banner ad to ever see the light of day is much old by now. In 1994, AT&T placed a clickable banner ad on Hotiwred. You can still check it out if you are interested.

Joe McCambley is credited as the creator of banner ads. Although McCambley himself credits other people as well who were all in a rush to put the first banner ad on Hotwired.com., McCambley just managed to be the first one.

How Does Mobile App Banner Ads Work?

To understand the philosophy behind banner ads Android, we have to take you out of the digital space.

Think of a physical shop with a lucrative banner placed outside. The banner says something about a huge discount or a unique facility that the shop offers. Would you be interested? The answer is most probably yes.

The same concept is utilized with internet banner ads. They have the sole purpose of drawing traffic to a specific website or webpage. They grab the attention of a site visitor with bright colours or object movements and compel him/her to click on the banner.

Once the user clicks the banner, it redirects to the webpage of the business. Thus, the traffic increases. In the process, the platform where the ad was placed, in this case, your Android app, will earn a commission for diverting traffic to the bidder.

The bidder is the one who places the ad. The more popular the website or Android app is, the more money a bidder has to pay. They are called bidders because they have to often compete with other businesses to grab the empty space on an app.

Why Add Banner Ads Android?

By now, you should have an idea about what banner ads are and how they work. But why are they so popular among businesses?

Increases Traffic

The primary reason behind the popularity of banner ads android is their ability to generate traffic. As an ad is placed across multiple channels, more people see and know about the business and they click the banner to take a closer look.

And more traffic means more leads. And more leads mean more conversion. And finally, more conversion results in more revenue.

If you’re the one to show banner ads android, you are in for a treat as well. Banner ads are amazing affiliate marketing tools that you can use for your benefit. If you manage to create a popular app, placing ads for third parties can make you a fortune. The more traffic you can divert, the more money you make.

Works as an Announcement Platform

Visibility is a major challenge for a lot of businesses. The proprietary channels like the website, social media pages often don’t cut it for the exposure such businesses require. When they have to put up an announcement, a portion of the audience might be unaware of it.

That’s where banner ads come in. Banner ads are often placed in high traffic websites or in this case, Android apps. So, the ad gets a lot of views and clicks. This feature makes banner ads a great place for announcements.

Increase in Sales

For a premium, businesses can sell products through banner ads as well. The goal here is simple. The banner ads Android will showcase the features of a product or service, and the link will take the viewer to a sales page.

And if you’re the one to show banner ads Android, you’ll be earning a commission from each sale. It’s a form of affiliate marketing.

How Do You Make Money from Mobile App Banner Ads?

The banner ads Android apps to earn money primarily through Google AdSense. As Android is owned by Google and well synced with AdSense, you can earn good money from your Android app. But first, you have to monetize your app.

Google AdSense is smarter than traditional banner ads because they don’t annoy you with constant popups. We all have experiences with websites or apps where we can’t even see the content on the app for the ads.

But using Google AdSense gives you the power to filter all of that. The algorithms will automatically place the relevant ads on your app. As a result, your app audience gets a relevant ad that they might actually be interested in. It results in higher conversion and sales.

Let’s do a simple math to understand how you make money from all of this. Suppose, your app gets roughly 100,000 views every month. You have some empty space on your app that you rented to a third party for their ad’s placement.

You can expect to get a click-through rate of 1%. Click-through rate means the percentage of clicks that you get out of all visitors. 1% is quite the standard across all channels. So, you get 1,000 clicks on the banner ads.  

Now, if the CPC (Cost Per Click) is $1, you make a whopping $1000 a month. But that’s the best-case scenario. Most ads pay less. You can roughly look at hundreds of dollars if everything is done right.

AppsGeyser and Banner Ads

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Our developers have come up with spectacular templates that you can use to make your app. And it’s completely free. Our templates also allow you to show banner ads Android so you can start making money once your app is monetized. We only take 50% of your banner ad revenue in return.

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