Becoming an Appreneur And 5 Steps To Achieve It


To try to understand what exactly it takes to be an appreneur, we must first discover what it is. Just as it sounds, an appreneur is a sort of entrepreneur, however, they tend to differ from a typical entrepreneur in the sense that they earn their money whilst having a lifestyle that speaks of freedom. This means that once their app empires have been set up, they now have the freedom, in regard to time and finances to relax and have a lifestyle that is completely free of any work distractions whilst the app businesses they have set up run themselves.  Think of becoming an appreneur and just being able to get on a jet and set off to an island destination whilst your app business operates as it normally would.

Can one become an appreneur in the world today?

To answer this question, you will have to understand that the number of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices being utilized today in the world continues to grow. As it stands, there are 5.23 billion mobile devices in the world. This means that over 63% of the world’s population have a mobile device. That number as a standalone is extremely astounding. Thanks to technology, the entire world has been transformed, making the app market one of the quickest growing industries the world has ever witnessed. And when you take into account the market data, there seem to be no signs of it abating any time soon.

Is it necessary to understand technology in order to become an Appreneur?

The truth is you need not have to understand how the technology works. This is because there are numerous methods in which one can become an Appreneur where you don’t even have to learn how to write code. For one, you can use programs like AppsGeyser which can offer the perfect start to dive right into the world of app development without having to spend any money at all. You could also choose to outsource the work of programming, however, that would mean having to invest quite a fortune into the business. This can be quite difficult to do as you aren’t even sure if your idea and app would successfully turn you into an appreneur. It is important that you keep your costs to a minimum, take the time to learn all about the programming world, and only invest the moment you feel confident.

Is the app market boom similar to the internet boom?

It can be quite easy to compare the boom of the app market to one that shadowed the creation of the internet, however, there is a radical difference, given that the internet was uncharted territory when it was created back in the 1990s and that meant that it took a bit of time for the globe to completely understand it and how it could be utilized and transformed into a profitable business. Conversely, mobile technology does not follow this experience as our mindset has become more accommodating over the years to this type of technology. This acceptance is down to the proliferation of the internet. Individuals are beginning to recognize the inherent advantage of mobile apps, thereby causing them to jump onto this profitable opportunity.

Does the app world have more than enough competition already?

It has been a couple of years since the invention of the smartphone; however, the app market is relatively new and is still growing at an alarming rate with different new apps doing things that you would not believe. That being said, this does not mean you should hold off. The new phase is unlikely to last forever. Whilst those in the app market have an advantage, there is still a steep learning curve for those that join in now, so it is all about searching for the right audience for your app, discovering a gap in that demographic, and then going for it.

Important things to remember:

  • If you are not interested or are unable to invest the time required, then you should not look into getting into that app market. Becoming successful in this industry is not something that happens overnight.
  • You should be prepared to develop 7 apps so as to be able to create a decent userbase size. 

How to become an Appreneur?

Now that we have been able to clarify what exactly an appreneur is, now is the time to understand the step required in order to become one. 

To define an appreneur is to describe an individual or a team of two that build a business with minimal costs on a small budget but are then able to transform it into a revenue-generating operation. This revenue-generating operation is not only able to sustain itself, but it is also able to turn into a profitable business. Do you believe you have within you what’s required to become a successful appreneur? To develop a business that generates revenue right from a mobile device? If this sounds like you, then you need to read further.

Here are the starter steps required to create your very own android app empire and become an appreneur:

Understand that the app market is all about

Understanding the app store is an important aspect of becoming an appreneur, as it is where your app business is going to reside. You have to comprehend just exactly how it works. Whilst this might seem like a seemingly apparent step to take, there are still quite a number of app developers that fail to research, and that alone tends to cause the app they build to fail. To understand your app market means to take at least a couple of weeks understanding the marketplace, downloading the apps, becoming hooked to them, and understanding just how these successful apps function. You will also discover what it is that made these apps successful and why people are downloading them. The moment you gather this information, you are then ready to move onto the second step.

Formulate your app idea

You will have to look at the app you aim to create and also at the apps that are trending on the top apps’ category. Try to find a similarity between those apps and what you aim to create. Now, this doesn’t mean your app has to be a derivative of an app that is trending, it simply can be similar as that would provide you with a great foundation. It can also help you tap into an already existing audience suitable for this type of app. Creating an android app that bears some similarity to an app that is successful can provide you with a great head start. It is imperative that you ensure the app your select has a large enough demand, else your appreneur success could be cut short.

Make a developer account

It is quite impossible to grow into an appreneur if you fail to create a developer account on the platform you aim to develop and publish an app for. In order to register on Google’s Playstore, you simply need to pay $25 annually and also acquiesce to the terms and conditions. Doing this enables you to publish as many apps as required within the year.

Start developing your app

When you utilize AppsGeyser to develop your app, you are able to massively cut down on the time spent on developing the app. This is because the bulk of the programming has already been completed for you thanks to the specially created android app templates. Furthermore, asides from the templates provided by AppsGeyser, you also gain offer continuous support via the technical department. This is to help you with any technical problems that may arise. The most effective way to get in touch with AppsGeyser is to contact them using Facebook


Once you take into account the steps listed above, you are then on track to begin your app empire and life as an appreneur. If you follow these steps correctly, you should be able to develop an app that can provide you with continuous revenue.