How to Market Android Apps on Android Marketplace?

Market Android Apps on Android Marketplace

In the android industry, the competition for Android app makers is increasing day by day. With some planning, you can beat your competitors and generate a lot of downloads for your application.

Besides, to attract more audience on your mobile app, you need to choose the right Android marketplace. Choosing the right market place can also help you attract more downloads.

Here, you will learn about the best Android app markets. You will also learn how to market android apps on Android marketplace through this post. 

What is the Android Marketplace?

The Android app markets are places where you can find many Android applications. You can download and even publish your app on these markets.

Google Play Store is one of the most popular android markets. There are millions of applications present on the Play Store with billions of downloads.

The Google Play Store works well on all the devices having an Android operating system. Besides, the Amazon app store and the GetJar app store are other popular app markets you can also try. 

Which One is the Best Android App Market?

There are many marketplaces, which allow users to publish their mobile app. For Android, the most popular app market is the Google Play Store.

However, if you want to create an iOS app, you can try your luck on the Apple App Store. Following are some of the famous app markets. 

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Huawei App Store
  • Amazon App Store

These are a few app marketplaces, which you can use to publish your app and generate a better income. Apart from these, few other marketplaces are also available that you can try. 

Additionally, we cannot tell you which store you should publish your app on because this is a personal decision. But we recommend that you try more than one place for your app and see which is most successful for you.

Again, look at your branded food. If you sell your food in the largest supermarket in town, the audience will be enormous and so is the competition.

How do you know that from the seventeen different types of rice, the consumers will choose yours? If you also sell your food in the slightly smaller supermarket down the road that stocks less and has fewer people coming through their doors, you may have more chance of your rice being chosen, as the consumer has fewer options.

advantages of Android app marketplaces

Is this your answer — to go for the smaller marketplace? Think again. Your friend that loves your rice has recommended you to her friend. But the problem is her friend only shops in the supermarket because it is in her street and convenient. Google Play is convenient for many people because it comes as a default store. 

Tips to Market Android App on the Android Marketplace

There are a few tips that you can follow to market your android application in markets like the Play Store. Learn and apply these tips because you will surely get better results through them. 

1. Learn ASO

ASO is similar to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is for websites, while ASO is for applications. ASO is optimizing your application for the app marketplace. Doing proper ASO will increase your app’s visibility.

Using it, you can increase traffic and downloads of your android application. ASO is quite a powerful thing that can help you grow your business rapidly. Therefore, you should not ignore ASO.

2. Discover the Ranking Factors

If you desire to be successful in the mobile app market, then you should learn about the industry. You need to know how the app industry works. Try to learn more about the Android application and its market places.

Every app market place has some ranking factors based on which it ranks the apps. Make sure to discover and apply those ranking factors. The ranking factors will help your application rank higher on the app store, resulting in more downloads. 

When it comes to ranking, you need to focus on two factors.

  • On-page factor: The on-page factor includes app name, title, description, URL, app images, and other relevant stuff. These things have an impact on the ASO of your app. 
  • Off-page factor: The off-page factor mostly depends on the user. It involves user reviews, ratings, downloads, and backlinks. 

Both the on-page and off-page factor plays an important role in ranking your app on the app market. If you want a better outcome, make sure to focus on both these factors. Doing proper on-page and off-page can help you rank on the top against a particular keyword.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Try to bring more and more ratings and reviews during the initial stage of your app. More positive ratings and reviews play a vital role in ranking higher on various app marketplaces.

The app industry is a practical field, and without applying the knowledge, you will not see any results. Make sure to apply the things you learn and find the best way to promote your application. Try different experiments because it will help you to learn more.

4. App Campaigns

If you want your app to grow quickly, then you should also try app campaigns. All the popular app markets allow its users to run advertisements for their app on the market.

With app campaigns’ help, you can rank on top against any keyword even without doing proper app optimization. Though it is a paid method, it can boost your business during the initial stages.

Android App Monetization

Do not forget to look at the monetization factors for your android app if you want to make money. When you are considering making money from an app, you need to understand your audience.

Below are a few facts based on monetization questions that are often asked from us here at the AppsGeyser office.

Should I add in-app purchases for my 1000 users?

You will not become rich quickly using in-app purchases. The reason for this is that only 2% of users will ever make an in-app purchase. However, if your app is popular with millions of downloads, you can try the in-app purchases.

In-app purchases usually work better for apps with more downloads. Make sure to add something worthy as an in-app purchase so that users do not hesitate while buying it. 

Should I charge a downloading fee for my app?

With so much competition out there, you will find it difficult to get people to part with their money as a new app maker. Did you know that 3 out of 4 people expect apps to be free?

First, you should focus on building your app business. You can create a few popular free apps and then start launching paid versions.  

Why do we suggest that you build a network of apps?

Firstly, 90% of app installs generate no revenue whatsoever. Besides, if you are looking to add some form of monetization other than banner ads, you will only achieve any revenue once you have built a strong, loyal audience.

A network of apps will help you generate more money. Further, if one of your apps gets popular, it will become easier for you to grow other apps.