5 Secrets to Unlock a Higher Rank in Android Market

It’s time to sit back and relax after finishing the development of your amazing app, right? In reality, it’s just the beginning of your journey to make your app successful and actually make money. You still need to get a higher rank on Google Play Store for getting downloads and accomplishing your dreams.

Be Ready to Get Higher Rank on Google Play

As industry experts, we have encountered numerous apps and helped companies get their apps top-ranked on the Google Play Store. So, we know which strategies actually work. Luckily, we have come up with 7 proven ways for your app to get higher rank on Google Play Store. Let’s dig into these interesting insights!

1.  Understand Your Audience and Market Competition

Analyzing your customer is the first thing when it comes to evaluating their needs and expectations. Getting to know your competitors and their strategies also play a vital role here. Eventually, find the answers to these questions:

  • Why would a user install your app?
  • How will your users describe and define your app?
  • What is your Unique Selling Point (USP) in contrast to your competitors?

2.  Use Engaging and Well-Researched Keywords

Once you have gone through the audience analysis part, you should brainstorm the keywords relevant to your app or its features. Using well-researched keywords helps a lot in placing your app on the top. It is an essential factor in doing smooth ASO as well.

Although you can do it through a keyword suggestion tool, some questions will help you find the appropriate keywords:

  • Which keywords trigger your audience?
  • Which keywords will be the most prominent with regards to your USP?

3.  Make a Compelling Store Listing

Since store listing is the most crucial factor, you must pay attention to the following components of it.

  • App Title
  • Description
  • Promo Text
  • Assigned Keywords

The title is the first thing that someone sees when your app is shown on the screen. Make sure it’s short, attractive, and exactly represents your app as a searchable key. For the description and promo words, make them concise, unique, and keywords-oriented.

4. Use Attractive and Catchy Graphics

Using high-quality and eye-catching graphics always drags the audience to your app, eventually making it the top-ranked. These graphics include:

  • App Icon
  • Images
  • Promo Video
  • App Screenshots

Use a bright, inviting, and compelling app icon with a non-generic color scheme. Screenshots and promo videos should highlight the top features of your app and the key benefits.

5.  Smartly Localize Your App

You should tackle the language barriers to have a diverse audience. Consider following these steps:

  • Translate your app in the languages of your target audience
  • Maintain the cultural and moral values of specific localizations

6. Provide Significant User Experience

Getting your app rated and positive feedback from the users plays an essential role in lifting the app on the top. You can use AppsGeyser, which provides various options to add compelling buttons to get user ratings. Moreover, satisfy the users as much as you can because a healthy user experience will result in more downloads and, eventually, a higher ranking.

7.  Be Active on the Google Play Store

Responding to the user’s concerns and being active on the Google Play helps maintain a good reputation as well as ranking. Some other important considerations are:

  • Be responsive and avoid Uninstalls
  • Update your app frequently
  • Tackle and avoid crash reports


The process of improvement never stops. However, if you follow these seven ways, your app can quickly get higher rank on Google Play and will become a famous one!

Have another way? We will love to hear from you. Just leave a comment!