What is an APK? How Do I Upload my Android App?

It is time that you forget all about the fun you have had  creating an app,  and begin to start uploading your app to the wide variety of android app stores. All you need is to find the Android app store of your choice, and upload your APK.

Your what? APK? What is that?

AppsGeyser is the home for all your app making free tools. With the tools provided by AppsGeyser you can create an app, distribute an app and market an app.

Did you know that there are many Android app stores out there? GooglePlay continues to be the most popular, with a distribution fee of $25. However, Amazon is quickly coming up in the ranks. It is now the most popular site for new app makers because of the size of the audience, and it is free.

All you need is to create your Android app, decide upon a name for it, write a description, take some screen prints and upload your APK. What could be easier?

Watch our one minute tutorial on how to download your free Android app APK over on our YouTube page today.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023