Control How Many Ads Your App Users See On Your Free Android App

Too many ads can be very annoying for your app users and too little ads can lose you revenue, so how do you find the balance and get the right amount of ads for your app without losing revenue or annoying your customers?


AppsGeyser understands that it is important for both the app maker and the app user to be satisfied with the app, and this includes ensuring that the app can earn the app maker money whilst not interfering with the user’s user experience.

The banner ad refresh rate was added as a feature on the AppsGeyser dashboard immediately after the tool was introduced by Google in 2011. The banner ad refresh rate allows the app maker to control how often ads are refreshed in their Android app. The reason behind this new feature was because AdMob, Google’s ad company understood that this feature was required to help monetize Android apps on a more personal level as each app audience has different requirements, by being able to personalize the ad refresh rate to suit their app audience app makers could ensure they get the maximum response from their ads and their users.

How much can you adapt your ad refresh rates?

Ads can be designed to refresh as often as every 12 seconds or as infrequent as 120 seconds, because each app audience is different, different refresh rates will need to be tried and tested to see which quantity of ads best suits your app audience.

How do you use the optimization strategy?

We suggest that you follow our optimization strategy to find out what ad rate is most successful for your app and best suits your app audience. It is vital that you monitor the results over a set period of time to that you are able to gain the full results.

How to optimize your ad refresh rate

1. The default refresh rate for ads is 60 seconds, we suggest that you firstly measure your income from this ad rate before you make any changes. Measure your income for one full 24 hour period.

2. On the second day reduce the ad refresh rate by 10 seconds, the ad refresh rate should now be set at 50 seconds. Again, measure your income for a full 24 hours.

3. This time increase your ad refresh rate from the default rate of 60 seconds to 70 seconds. Again, at the end of the 24 hour period measure your full days results.

4. Compare all your results from each day.

5. You should be able to see a difference in which way the changes have made a positive impact on your results, from this you can continue to play with the increments to get to your optimum number.

6. If you have seen at 30 seconds the results have dropped, but at 40 seconds they have increased, start to change your increments to 1 second changes to find the exact second that best suits your app. For example change from 40 down to 39, 38 etc…Each app will differ slightly depending on your app type and audience type.