50 Free to Use Android App Templates – Create an App Business Today

Yesterday we spoke about the importance of devising a niche for your Android app business. A niche subject area will open a gap in the app market for you to develop an Android app business, build an audience following and build your brand. Creating an app business within a niche area has been simplified, thanks to the full range of Android app templates available at AppsGeyser. In today’s post, we are going to be listing the full range of app making templates, available for you to use, for free.

50 Free App Templates

An app making template is the basis of your app that contains all the coding. All you need to do is to choose a template from our range of Android app templates and add your content. To simplify this even further, AppsGeyser has created an easy to use dashboard. This allows you to input your content into your chosen template without having to know even a single piece of code.

The template range offers various styles, from content rich templates, such as the website URL styled template, to the fun to use gaming app templates.

How to Create Apps with Free Android Templates

To create an Android app with a free Template follow these steps:

  1. Open Appsgeyser.com and “Create” menu;
  2. Choose one of the app templates on “Business” or “Individual” menu tabs;
  3. Upload the app content by following the step-by-step guide on the app;
  4. Name your app;
  5. Submit an icon for Android app;
  6. Done! Your app is ready for a publication and use.

Free Android App Templates

Here is a list of all the app templates currently available for free. Time to make an app and get your app making business off the ground.

  1. Website — Create a link to your existing website and turn it into an app
  2. Browser — Turn your app into a mobile browser to search external content from within your app
  3. Business — Make a quick app for your business, like a business card app
  4. YouTube – Create a link to online videos
  5. TV — Turn your app into a TV viewer
  6. Wallpaper — Get your images shared via mobile
  7. Page — Ceate an offline app from scratch in a few clicks
  8. HTML — Use your HTML knowledge to create a website styled app that is available offline
  9. Web App — Use your existing HTML coded files to upload to make your website available as an app offline
  10. News — RSS feeds are popular news style apps
  11. 2048 Game — Use your images to make a game
  12. Quiz — Create a list of questions to test your audience’s knowledge
  13. Shooting Arcade — Classic game app
  14. Decision Maker — Roulette style game
  15. Spaceship Game — Alien style game
  16. Coloring Game — Let your audience colour in your images
  17. Document — Upload your file to make an offline app
  18. Audio — Connect your app to your favourite music files online
  19. Penguins Shooting — Fun game app
  20. Jump Man — Fun fast jumping game
  21. Blink – 3D styled puzzle
  22. Tap Wars – 2 player game that is based on time
  23. 4 Pics 1 Word – Fun game app
  24. Scratch Quiz — Fun game app
  25. Match 2 Pictures – Fun game app
  26. Magic Ball — Fun decision making app
  27. Chicken Snake — Lead your chickens on the lawn
  28. Chase the Ghost — Get to the ghosts before they get you
  29. Match 3 In A Row — Fun gaming app
  30. Spin the Bottle — Fun gaming app
  31. Catch the Ghost — Fun gaming app
  32. Tap the Cookie — Fun gaming app
  33. 15 Game — Fun gaming app
  34. Fishing — Fun gaming app
  35. Fall Down — Fun gaming app
  36. Volleyball –Game of skill
  37. Caves 3D — 3D timebound game of skill
  38. Basketball  — Another gaming app
  39. Calculator — Make your own calculator to use as you need
  40. Facebook — Turn your Facebook page into an app in an instant
  41. Messenger – Don’t want WhatsApp anymore? Then make your own messenger styled app
  42. Ragdoll – Great fun gaming app
  43. Cube Sprint — Move the cubes and beat the game
  44. Color Change – Old school gaming app
  45. Website promotion app – Use your website URL to make an app in an instant
  46. Ecommerce App – Turn your commerce website into an app
  47. Taxi App – Need a taxi? Turn to this app for details
  48. Law Firm — An app especially for law firms
  49. Restaurant — Do you run a restaurant? Then this is the template for your business
  50. Real-estate – Turn your real-estate business into a mobile business
  51. Currency Convertor — Find out what your money is worth today

With so many free app making templates to choose from it is sometimes difficult to decide which best suits your needs. Why not try a few out, see which you like and test them on your app audience. In order to make a great app network we advise that you use a minimum of free app making templates.