How to Publish App on Amazon App Store – Android Guide

Amazon App Store

Developers are usually concerned about the app marketplaces while publishing their app. Deciding on a profitable market is usually a difficult task for many new developers. An app marketplace can help you make either millions of dollars or nothing.

So picking the right market should be the priority of every developer, if they want to make the app successful. Some of the popular marketplace that developers can use to publish their apps are the following:

  • Huawei App Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps

Further, there are many other app markets, which you can prefer to publish your app. Most developers know how to publish and rank their app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but many are not familiar with the Amazon App Store.

Amazon App Store for Android is an emerging app market that every developer should focus on. Here, you will learn all the things about the Amazon App Store market.

What is Amazon App Store?

The Amazon App Store is a place where you can download and publish apps. It works on all Amazon devices such as Fire Stick. Not only Amazon devices, but also Android users can install the Amazon App Store on their devices.

Like Google and Apple, Amazon also launched an app store for mobile users. The Amazon App Store was established in 2011, with many new and high-end applications.

Though the Amazon App Store is not popular like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is growing. The best thing about the Amazon store is that it is less saturated like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

There are only a few developers publishing their app on the Amazon App Store, which means that anyone with a little effort can rank their apps against different keywords. 

How to Publish App on Amazon App Store?

There are a few simple steps to follow if you want to publish an app on Amazon App Store.

1. Sign In

First, you need to sign in to the Amazon developer console. Through the developer console, you can create your developer account.

After signing in, a new dashboard will appear. Click on the “Add a new app” menu. There is $100 amazon app store publish cost.

2. General Information

After completing the signing in process, now you need to add the general information. In this field, you will require including the app title, app SKU, app category and other relevant data. Fill all the fields in the general information section with the correct data.

3. Availability & Pricing

After adding the general information, you will see an “Availability & Pricing” tab. Whether you want to create a free app or a paid one, you can decide using the “Availability & Pricing” tab. Further, you can also block countries for your app using this tab.

4. Descriptions

Now you have to add a description for your app. Make sure that the description includes the main keywords and other relevant keywords.

In the description section, you can tell users about your app. You can use multiple tools to find the primary and relevant keywords for the description.

Some of the developers also use multiple search engines to get an idea about the relevant keywords. Before choosing any keyword, make sure that it has better search volume.

5. Images & Multimedia

The next tab is the Images & Multimedia tab where you can add both videos and pictures related to your app. Make sure to provide a collection of images relevant to the app.

Before adding any of the images, read the guidelines provided by Amazon. In the image section, you can also add screenshots. Further, there are two icons sizes, which you can include in the image portion.

  • Small Icon: The size of the small icon should be 114 x 114px.
  • Large Icon: The size of the large icon should be 512 x 512px.

Remember that both icons should contain high-quality images. Choose better and eye-catching images as icons.

6. Content Rating

Do not forget to add the content rating for your app. Content ratings will help the users to know about your app. Users can know about the potentially objectionable content within an app through content rating. 

7. Upload App Files

After completing the content rating, upload APK to Amazon App Store. Ensure to upload all the files of your app so that it works fine.If you are creating an app using AppsGeyser, you will get an APK file, which you can upload on the Amazon App Store. 

8. Check Status

Once you have uploaded your app, check its status. Through the status tab, you will know whether your app is live on the Amazon App Store or not.

Tips to Get More Downloads on Amazon App Store

If you want your app to get more downloads on the Amazon App Store, then, this section is for you. Here, you will study some top tips to get more downloads in a short time. 

  • Keywords: First, you should focus on the keywords. Using keywords, users search apps on the Amazon App Store. Make sure to target high volume and low competition keywords if you want to rank high easily in a short time. Apart from the main keyword, do not forget to include other relevant keywords as well. Both the main and relevant keywords play an important role in ranking so you should not ignore them.
  • App Title: App title is one of the most important things about your app. You can attract many new users only with a quality title. Keep the app title relevant to the app niche.
  • Descriptions: Users will know about your app through the description. So focus on adding an attractive description. Ensure to include both long and short descriptions. Include the relevant information in the description section. 
  • Product Feature Bullet: Here, you can include the key features of your app. The product bullet section will appear on the main page so you should put better information. Only highlights the best features in this section.

How to Create an App for the Amazon App Store for Free?

You can develop apps for the Amazon App Store for free using AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser is the number one free Android app template provider covering your entire app-making needs.

The AppsGeyser program has created many top-rated templates that will simplify the app making process. App makers with no technical expertise can develop complete app networks within a few clicks.

AppsGeyser offers templates ranging from gaming templates to more creative image templates, and templates that can be self-coded too. But app making is only one part of the process.

If an app is not distributed effectively, then there will be no app career. This is where the ease of AppsGeyser Android app distribution comes in.

AppsGeyser believes that developers should distribute their apps to a variety of Android app networks rather than limiting to Google Play. Android app distribution through different means will enhance your chance, as an app maker, to find app success.

Each Android app store has its unique audience, and by limiting yourself to just one app store, you will be limiting your potential audience reach.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023