How to Submit App to Google Play Store – 8 Steps to Submit Android App

Submit App to Google Play Store

You have created an awesome Android app as a developer. You might think that the whole process of app creation is done for you and the app will be successful. In fact, you are wrong. Creating an app is only one process that is involved in making an app successful. You can consider the app creation process as the backbone of the app Life cycle. You must apply correct strategies for correctly distributing your app over a target audience. As an app developer, you might think that the most tedious task is to create the app and use different programming concepts to get the app of your requirements. The process of getting an app approved by a well-known app marketplace such as Google Play Store is a tedious task.

As a developer, if you are developing apps for the Android platform then you must be wondering how to get your app approved from Google play store for publishing. Google Play store can be considered as the leader of all the Android marketplaces in the world. By default, almost all the Android devices come with Google play store as pre-installed. It is one of the largest Android marketplaces that you can find. The process of getting an app reviewed by Google play store follows strict guidelines and procedures. The process of getting an app approved by the Google play store might seem intimidating but in reality, it requires effort. Google Play store follows strict rules and regulations that should be followed by all the apps that are to be published over it. For an app to run smoothly over the Google play store, it should continuously follow all the guidelines and procedures set by Google play store. It is very common for apps to get rejected by the Google play store nowadays. Don’t worry. Keep reading this article for getting more detailed insights about how to get your Android apps reviewed from the Google play store in the first attempt.

How to submit App to Google Play store:

A step-by-step procedure needs to be followed for getting an app approved by the Google play store. Down below is the detail of all the necessary steps that you will need for getting your app approved from the play store. Follow all of these steps sequentially and do not skip them. If you follow all these steps carefully, then hopefully your app will be approved quickly and easily:

  1. Create a developer account for your Android app

The first step for publishing your app on the Google play store is to create your Google developer account. You cannot publish your app until you have a developer account associated with your name. You must be 18 years of age before creating a Google developer account. This is a restriction that is placed by Google play store itself. Also, you need to have a Google account first before creating a Google developer account. You have to sign up on the Google developer account page. Keep in mind that you should register with your own name and you will have to pay a fee of $25 for the first time when you will be registered on the Google play store. You should agree to the developer distribution agreement that will be presented to you during the sign-up process. You will have the opportunity to pay by your credit card or debit card when you will sign up on the Google developer account. You will fill out all the necessary information that is required by the Google play store. You should provide a developer name, your financial account details, and other necessary information. Ensure that you correctly fill out all the forms. Also, keep this thing in your mind that it will take around 48 hours to complete the process of approval of a Google developer account.

  1. Create your merchant account if you are going to distribute paid versions of apps

A merchant account will be required if you want to publish paid versions of your app. You will sign into your Google play console account. You will have to go and click the financial dashboard. In the next step, click the option of “set up a merchant account”. You must provide your business information in this section. After your profile will be ready, you will be able to manage your in-app purchases and other monthly payments with the help of this merchant account. This account will only be required if you are going to sell paid versions of your apps.

  1. Create an app

Of course, you will need a great app to be published over the Google play store. There are several ways by which you can create Android apps. One simple way is to create the entire app by yourself by using the Android studio. You can also use the Appsgeyser platform for using different templates to create the Android app. Try to create a unique Android app that will stand out in the competition in the Android marketplace. Also, try to provide unique functionality to the users so that the target audience would like to download and install your app over their Android devices.

  1. Create a store listing for your Android app

Before publishing an app over the Google play store, the developer needs to create a store listing for the app. The store listing will contain all the necessary information that will be shown to the users before downloading the app over their devices. Try to fill out the information as correctly as possible. This information will be available to the users before downloading the app. Make this information as captivating as you can.

  1. Fill out the product details carefully:

Before your app publication, you will be required to fill out three fields about your app. These three fields include title, a short description, and a full description. Try to fill these fields by keeping the user experience in mind. Make sure that the audience of your app after reading these three fields is prompted to use your app. Try to provide as much detail to the users as possible in concise and consistent words. These three details will help you in getting your app approved from the Google play store.

  1. Prepare different graphics related to your app

Every app requires some graphics regarding the app for the users to view on the Google play store. These graphic assets include different screenshots of the app that show the features of the apps, images, and videos of the app. The graphics had to provide a visual of your app to the user before downloading it. Among all the other graphic elements, the screenshots of an app are mandatory for an app to be approved by the Google play store.

  1. Categorize your app properly

Different categories are present on the Google play store for apps. These categories help the users to download the app of their choice in less time over their mobile phones. You should categorize your app correctly. This is one of the most important steps. Try to categorize your app properly and put it in its relevant category. It will help your app to get high ranks in the future after publication and it will help reach the target audience.

  1. Upload APK of your app

The last step before the submission of your app over the play store involves uploading the APK file of the app to the play store. In the Android studio, you have to manually create the APK file. If you are using the Appsgeyser platform, then this platform will automatically give you access to the APK file. Correctly upload this file along with the release version of your app.

After following the above-mentioned steps correctly, you can get your app approved from the Google play store easily.


The Google play store requires that a proper submission process is to be followed before the review of an app. Google Play store rejects apps frequently if they do not conform to the guidelines provided by it. For getting the app approved from the Google play store in the first attempt, the developer should correctly create their Google developer account, specify the project description and functionality correctly, create a merchant account, create a store listing, correctly fill out the product description, upload the graphic assets in the form of screenshots and videos, categorize the app correctly and upload the correct APK file of the app. By following these steps, the play store will approve the app quickly. You should invest some time in filling out all the information that is required for submitting an app over the play store. If you follow all the steps mentioned in this article correctly, then it will be very easy for you to publish your app on the play store.   

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023