8 Top Android Play Store Alternatives For Your Application

8 Top Android Play Store Alternatives

Imagine that you have created an awesome Android application based on a great idea. You have worked very hard over it and you have consumed all the resources for making the application successful. After publishing your application over the play store you might be thinking about creating a revenue from the application. Have you ever wondered that Google Play store is not the only application store for the distribution of the Android applications? Yes! You heard it right. There are plenty of alternative android application stores that are present over the Internet. If you want to learn about the detail of these different Android application platforms, then keep reading this article. In this article, we will suggest you different alternatives that you can use for publishing your Android applications. By publishing your application over multiple platforms, you will get a chance of earning revenue from your application.

There is no doubt about the fact that Google Play store is one of the primary choices of all the developers who want to distribute their Android application among a target audience. But there are also plenty of other different Android marketplaces available where the developers can publish their applications. Sometimes, the review process of the application rejects the applications to be published over the Google Play store. You will then search for other alternatives to publish applications and earn revenue from them. Sometimes, you might find that another application is available on the play store with similar functionality to your application. In such a case, your application will never be approved by the Google play store because a similar application is already present on it. You can always publish your application on other alternative platforms. Different alternatives that will be discussed in this article can be considered as third-party application stores. These application stores publish android applications among target audiences. Let’s get into the detail of different alternatives of Google play store.

Top Android Play Store Alternatives For Your Application

If you want to reach a broader target audience and you want to increase the user ratio of your application, then you must publish your application on multiple platforms. Following is the detail of top Android play store alternatives for your Android application:

1. Amazon App Store

One of the biggest competitors for the Google play store is the Amazon application store. Amazon has a very captivating feature that includes allowing the users to download a paid application entirely free of cost every week. The only way to get access to the free version of the paid application is to download it from the Amazon App Store. You might think that Amazon is only an online shopping store. But in fact, the Amazon application store is growing at a rapid pace. Amazon application store not only contain applications, but it also includes a huge library of Ebooks, short movies and songs, etc. All the items available on the Amazon App Store have less price. You usually get Android applications from the Amazon app store at a low cost as compared to The Google play store.

Amazon App Play Store Alternative

2. Mobogenie

This platform can be considered as one of the most popular alternatives to the google play store. One of the most captivating features of this platform is that it provides access to a very large audience. This platform also supports applications in multiple languages therefore you can reach people across all over the world. The organization of the s over this platform is really beautiful. You can also access this platform from your computer. A great feature provided by this platform is that it offers a backup for the storage of your target device on which you are downloading the Android applications. They also offer a list of recommended applications so that you can download applications with complete functionalities, and you can enjoy them according to your demand.This is another popular alternative of play store. Their user base is very large and provides support for multiple languages. Another best feature is the way they organize the apps. You can also open their official site from your PC and download the apps before installing them on your mobile. The icing on the cloud is the fact that they allow you to take a backup of your device’s storage. Not only that, based on your searches, they also suggest a list of recommended apps.

Mobogenie Play Store Alternative

3. AndroidCrew

This platform is a third-party application store for Android applications. This platform follows a chronological order for displaying the applications on it. One important issue while downloading the android applications from a third party is security. To safeguard that the applications are free from malware and viruses, this platform ensures that all the applications provided on it are virus-free. In this way, the users can download the applications without any fear of getting their devices infected. The applications on this platform are made available based on their popularity. The most popular applications are present on the top. One interesting feature provided by this platform is that the interface of this platform is very user friendly.

4. GetJar

This app store is in the market for quite a long time, even older than play This platform can be considered as one of the oldest platforms for the distribution of Android applications. Do you know that the most popular game Angry Birds was introduced first on GetJar. More than 800,000 applications present in different categories are available on this platform. This platform supports multiple platform applications. You have to browse through different categories to search for your target application. For publishing applications over this platform, you have to first decide the category of your application so that you can publish it on this platform easily.

5. AppBrain

Many times, people search for the free versions of paid applications. This platform is one of the great choices if someone wants to download a free version of a paid application. On this platform, the developers offer free versions of their paid applications for a limited time. The application store usually publicizes paid applications as premium applications. This platform is a great choice for you if you want to publish your application as a premium application. Usually, the people who use Google play store for downloading the Android applications also use AppBrain. It is a great alternative for Google play store.

6. F-Droid

This platform is dedicated to providing the source code of the applications to the users. This platform is one of the best choices recommended by the developers who want to experiment with the source code of Android applications. if you want to enhance your functionality of the application, you should publish it on F-Droid.

F droid Play Store Alternative

7. Galaxy Apps

If you want to dedicate your Android development skills for the development of applications that run specifically on Samsung devices, then this platform is an ideal choice for you. All the applications that are published on the Galaxy App Store will be accessible by the community of the Samsung users. This platform has a broad audience as it is available in almost 125 countries. Different kinds of push service notifications are present for the users by default whenever updates are released for applications on this platform. If you want your application to reach a broader audience that uses the Samsung devices, then you must publish your application on this platform.

galaxy apps Play Store Alternative

8. AppGallery

This platform for application distribution is provided by the Huawei company. Almost 170 countries and regions have access to Huawei mobile phone devices. This platform is a great alternative for publishing your Android applications. If you want to create innovative Android applications, then this platform is a great place for you. This platform uses 8 layer detection system for the application security. Different kinds of content recommendations are also available through the propriety algorithms provided by this platform. This platform focuses primarily on the security of the Android devices therefore, if you want to attract a large audience that wants to use most secure applications then this platform is a great choice.

appgallery Play Store Alternative

You should not rely on the success of your application by publishing it on a single platform. A developer should publish his application on multiple platforms to ensure that it would reach a broad audience and as a result, it will increase the revenue of the application.


Google Play store can be considered as the leader of the Android application market. Sometimes, due to the strict guidelines and restrictions of the Google play store, applications cannot be published over it. If you are a new developer and your application gets rejected by Google Play store, you can use plenty of other alternatives that are available for publication of your application. In this article were discussed different alternatives that can be used for publishing android applications. These alternatives include AppsGallery, Galaxy apps, F-Droid, GetJar, AppBrain, Android Crew, Mobogenie, and Amazon App store. An Android application is nothing without correct distribution. If an application is not correctly distributed among the target audience then there would be no users of the application and such an application can never be successful. Correct distribution requires great marketing strategies. An application requires a huge number of downloads along with a great usage ratio to be successful. By publishing applications over multiple Android platforms, the number of downloads for the application will increase dramatically. All these factors will eventually help in getting a better rank for the Android application over the marketplace and as a result, the revenue of the application will increase.