5 ways To Make Money by Using Google Play Store

Make Money by Using Google Play Store

If you wonder whether Android apps make money over Google Play store or not then you are not alone. Many people have this fundamental question in their mind regarding Android application development that whether this platform provides a monetary value to the developers or not. Keep reading this article if you want to know about the details of how to make money by using Google play store. 

The Android application development indeed provides a great opportunity for earning huge profits for developers. Although keep in mind that not every application that is published over the Google play store is successful. The success of an application over to the google play store depends upon a lot of factors. An application should be very unique in its nature. There must be a requirement for the application in the Android application market. The most important thing regarding the success of an application is the target audience. If you want to create an Android application, then ensure that there is a target audience that would like to use the application. If you simply create an Android application and there would be no audience to use it and install it over their phones, then such an application can never be successful. Creating an Android application is only one process of Android mobile development. After the creation of an application, you have to properly market the application using marketing strategies. Application without correct marketing is nothing. Everyone wants to earn money from Android applications but it requires a lot of hard work and effort to make an application get high rank on Google play store and earn money.

How can I make money by using Google Play Store

You must be wondering now what is Google Play store? Google Play store can be considered as the primary Android marketplace for the distribution of Android applications. Google Play store is developed by the Google company itself. This application is installed by default in almost all the Android devices that are available. For publishing an application over the Google play store, the developer needs to create a developer account on it. A lot of rules are present for creating an account on Google play store. A person should be above 18 years of age for creating an account on Google play store. After creating the developer account on the Google play store, you have to provide the one time fee of $25 to sign up for this platform. After creating the account, you will be eligible for submitting the applications on the Google play store for the review process. After the review process of the application, the application will be published on the play store and you can earn revenue from it. Google Play store is the hub of collectively 3 million applications. New applications are published on the Google play store every day. To stay ahead of the competition, you should make a unique application and it should provide some real value to the users. A few factors should be kept in mind before making money from an application. The detail of these factors is as follows:

  1. Purpose of the application:

The application that you are going to create for the Android application must serve a unique purpose. If you create a useless application, it will never be approved by the Google play store and you can never publish it. Therefore, it is necessary to invest some time in creating a purposeful and meaningful application. Try to make an application that will solve a real-life problem of the users. An application should be purposeful and it is the only way that the application will stand a chance to earn revenue on the Google play store.

  1. Potential for a target audience:

The sole purpose of creating an Android application is to serve the users. It is very clear that if an application has no users then such an application can never be successful. Try to research about the behaviors and expectations of the target audience before creating an application. It will eventually help you in creating an application that will reach a broad audience in the future. Try to provide service to the target audience in the form of Android applications.

  1. Try to do a competitor analysis for the creation of the application:

Keep this thing in mind that your application will not be alone that will be published in the application store. There are numerous applications present on the Google Play store at the same time that serve or offer the same type of functionality. To stay ahead of the competition, you should do a competitor analysis and design some unique and new features in your application for it to be successful on the play store.

Start the application creation process by keeping the above-mentioned points in your mind.

Monetization models for your Android app

After creating the application with the necessary guidelines, the next step for you will be to consider the monetization models that can be used for earning revenue from the application on the play store. Different strategies can be used for earning revenue from the application on the play store. In this article, I will discuss some common Mobile application monetization strategies by which you can earn money from your Android application.

  1. Using In-App advertising

If you are going to create a free version of your Android application, then your application would be downloaded on the devices of the users free of cost. If you are using the free version of the Android applications, then you should use in-app advertising within the application. In this way, by showing different ads to the users in the Android application you will earn revenue. This method is used by almost all the free versions of the applications on the play store.

  1. Freemium

This method of monetization for the Android applications works in such a way that your application is initially free to use. While using the Android application, if the users want advanced features and enhanced functionality in the application, then the users would purchase such functionality. In this way, initially, your application will be free to use by the audience. If your application is captivating and user friendly then the users who use the free version of the application would like to pay for the advanced versions of the same application.

  1. Subscription model

You can use a subscription model inside your application to and revenue from it. In this strategy, you ask your users to pay an amount of fee on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis. In this model, you provide a service to the users based on a subscription. Netflix is one of the most successful examples of an application that is using a subscription model.

  1. Using sponsorship for your Android application

This is also another method for earning revenue from Android applications. For using sponsorship within your Android application, ensure that your application is used by several different users. Your application must also be suitable for the sponsorship method. For using sponsorship within your Android application you will set a monthly sponsorship fee for your application.

  1. Using the Appsgeyser platform to use banner ads

If you are using the Appsgeyser platform for creating Android applications then this platform provides you different templates by which you can earn money. While using the templates of this platform, the banner ads will be activated in your application after meeting the following requirements:

  • Your application must have reached the target of 100 downloads for a week.
  • Your application must have the usage ratio of three usages per download for a week.

In this way, you can easily start monetization of your application by using the Appsgeyser platform.


Everyone dreams about generating huge profits from Android applications. In reality, successful applications on the Google play store requires a lot of hard work and effort. An application needs to be maintained and updated properly at all times for it to be successful on the play store. Different monetization strategies are used for earning revenue from applications. Some of these strategies include in-app purchasing, in-app advertisement, freemium, sponsorship, and using the subscription model for your application. If you are using the Appsgeyser platform for creating applications, then this platform provides a variety of different templates that can be used for monetization purposes. This platform provides automatic ads in the applications if your application is downloaded 100 times daily for a week and the usage ratio of application is three usages per download. By using the templates provided by this platform you can easily get revenue from your Android applications. You can also use different advertisement programs inside your application for earning revenue and making your application profitable. Therefore, invest your time in doing proper research before creating an application and by following the different methods mentioned in this article, you can start earning revenue from your Android mobile application.   

Last Updated on November 24th, 2022