Why You Should Use Emojis For Marketing Your Android App?

Emojis Marketing for Android App

After reading the title of the article, you might be wondering how someone can incorporate emojis inside the marketing plan of an android app? This concept is relatively a new one. Emojis can be used for increasing the marketing efforts of an Android app. Keep reading this article for getting into the detail of the use of emojis and how they can benefit the marketing of an Android app to increase the target audience. Let us first get into the detail of what is actually an emoji is.

History of emojis

Emojis are smilies that are used to convey electronic messages in the form of small icons and images. Emojis were introduced by the Japanese. Emojis are pictures or icons. Sometimes, images are used as encoded characters in the form of emojis. They were initially introduced in the Japanese mobile phones in the year 1997. After their introduction, they quickly became popular all around the world.

Why you should use emojis for marketing your Android app?

Marketing for any Android app is very essential. Marketing is the only way by which you make your app public. Marketing gives access of your app to a broad audience. If you want to make a successful Android app, then you simply cannot ignore the importance of great marketing strategies. An android app that is saved on your laptop and is not made public to the users is of no worth. For an android app to be successful, there should be some users of the app that use the app to maintain a usage ratio for it and it’s the only way that you will earn revenue from the Android app. For properly marketing the Android app, you need to use multiple strategies. Emojis can help a lot in the marketing process. Emojis are used to convey emotions and messages in the form of a small image. You can incorporate these emojis wisely into your marketing strategy and convey your messages to your users and audience.

In the digital world that we all live in, you simply cannot ignore the importance of emojis for effective communication. You can consider emojis as the language of modern time. If you are still confused, then you should know that according to some research, almost 92% of the people who use the Internet incorporate emojis in their communication methods.  Some reasons why you should incorporate emojis in your marketing for the Android app are as follows:

  1. Emojis improve the engagement for the audience

According to some statistics, emojis improved 25% of the engagement rate on Twitter. And it also increased by 17% of the interaction rate for Instagram users. These statistics are enough to prove that emojis are an effective way of improving engagement among the audience. The trick here is to use the emojis wisely inside the marketing content. You should use an appropriate amount of emojis in your content. Do not use too many emojis. Try to convey your message for the target audience in simple sentences and whenever you want to express an emotion only then use an emoji. In this way, you communicate your message to the audience as well and in the end, you will convey your mood.  Make sure that the emojis that you are using are general. Invest your time in researching the emoji meanings and then use only those emojis inside your marketing strategy that are for a general audience. Many people do not understand the message that is conveyed by complex emojis therefore, keep the emojis within your content as simple as possible. Also, use relevant kind of images that will match with the tone and message that you are giving to the users.

  1. You can promote your brand as more humanized by using emojis

Sometimes, it becomes increasingly hard to communicate with your clients as you are not face to face with them in the digital world. This lack of physical interaction makes it hard for the brands to convey their messages to the users. Also, you cannot use proper body language for conveying the messages therefore you have to use emojis for sharing your thoughts to your audience. If you use emojis for marketing, you can create trust among the target audience by incorporating emotions in the form of emojis. The way you will use emojis in your marketing plan suggests the personality of your brand and it will also show what kind of content you are presenting to the target audience in the form of an android app.

  1. Emojis will make your Android apps memorable

Always remember that your Android app is not the only app that is present on the play store. There are almost hundreds and thousands of apps present in the play store. It is very difficult for people to remember your app if you use simple content for marketing purposes. To make your Android app memorable, you should incorporate emojis inside the marketing materials. Keep in mind that according to research people only remember 20% of the text and they remember 80% of the images. Therefore, if you use emojis inside your marketing plan for promoting your Android app, it will increase the chances of your app being memorized in the minds of the people. Therefore, more and more people will remember your Android app and they will keep using it on their mobile phones. If you think that you will be the first developer to incorporate images inside your Android app, then you are wrong. Plenty of brands are using emojis as a matter of communication. For example, consider Domino’s Pizza app. If you see the marketing material of the Domino’s Pizza, you will find that they always distribute marketing material with pizza emoji.

  1. Emojis are understood by everyone

This is one of the key reasons why you should use emojis for communication with the users. Sometimes, the Android app will be available in different geographic locations that do not understand the universal English language. In this way, if you will use emojis inside your Android app and its marketing material, then people who do not know the language of your app will be able to understand the meaning and context of your app. You can make your Android app universal for everyone in the world. It will greatly increase the usage of your app as different people around the world will understand the content of your app and its marketing with the help of emojis.

  1. Emojis can add context to the Android apps

If you want to add context and more meaning to the content of your Android app and its marketing materials then you should use emojis. By using relevant emojis, you can convey your message effectively and you can also add emotion to your writing. In this way, more depth can be added to the message that you want to give to your target audience. Therefore, emojis can greatly help in adding context to the Android apps and as a result, increasing the popularity of the app among the users. All this will eventually make the android app successful.


Using emojis inside marketing material for an Android app is highly beneficial. Ensure that you properly format the spacing and other content before using emojis with it. Always double check your message to ensure that the emoji that is used with the text is relevant to the app or not. The emoji should align with the content of your marketing material. Always research different types of emojis with their meanings and how they are used. In this way, you can add relevant emojis and convey your message to the audience effectively. Always understand your audience. By getting insights about the audience’s requirements, you can easily use different emojis and fulfill the needs of the users. Emojis should be used inside the marketing material very cleverly. Use a proper number of emojis so that it will not affect the overall meaning of the message. Emojis are an effective way of engaging the audience with the content. It will add context to your marketing material and as a result, it will make your Android app popular among the target audience. In the digital world, people nowadays convey messages through the use of social media platforms. People tend to forget the text and remember the images. In this way, if you use emojis to convey your messages then the audience will remember your marketing messages.  If you want to make your Android app memorable and you want everyone to understand your app and its marketing material, then you should use emojis. As emojis are understood by everyone in the current world, they can be considered as a universal language. Therefore, using emojis for promoting and marketing your Android app will make it successful.