Should You Publish your Android App or Not – Guide

First of all, before creating an application, you should get an idea of creating an app. Most of the time developers think that coming up with some top-notch app ideas is 99% of future success. Like always reality does deceive your expectations here too. But what is the point to be worried for? We are here to guide you about several things that are related to app creation. The main purpose of our article is to make you learn about the steps which come after app creation.

You start your career with a single idea. Then you work by the sweat of your brow to turn this mere idea into a solid concrete reality. The hard work does not end here nor this is the point where success will touch your feet. If we say the actual work starts after your app creation, then we will be no way wrong in saying so. Once you created your app you must be troubled with the thoughts of what should you do now to make this app a success? Or how you can earn fame or profit out of this newly created app of yours? These are the questions we are going to address in this very article of ours. Once a developer thinks of creating an app, he does not think what he would do after that. Like what is he supposed to do with his app after getting done with its creation? This is an important issue that most app developers do not pay heed to. One thing that must be clear in your mind is that app creation is not the only step to take you to the heights of success. You need to work on various other things to get your creation noticed.

Therefore, the step that comes after app creation and towards which we have been signaling is the step of publishing your app. As a fine developer, you must not ignore the importance of publishing your android apps to android app markets. This decision is of much importance as it will be going to decide your future in the world of apps. To get clear about certain points and to make a wise decision, you need to read this article. Because you need to be a little more educated and conscious about android app markets and how do they work.

An Android App Market

Upon hearing the words ‘android app market’ the first thing that pops into your head is Google Play store. You might think that Google Play store is the only place where you, being an android user, get your apps marketed. No, this is not the case. We can say that Google Play Store is usually a go-to-place for android apps or users but thinking that it’s the only place to launch your apps is wrong. There are many other android markets that you must consider. If you are taking your business career seriously then you cannot rely only on one app store for featuring your app. Rather you should think of as many ways as there are to get your creation viewed. The android market as compare to the Apple app store is much more open. Though sometimes it is thought to be a poor thing for a market to be fragmented, if we talk about app developers this particular thing can prove to be of great benefit.

Android users sometimes find Google Play as the only option for downloading apps. One reason for that is because Google Play Store comes pre-installed on Android certified devices. It easily provides access to the things available on Google Play Store including books, magazines, movies, and apps. Not only Google Play provides easy access to the already existing material on the app store, but it is also of great help when it comes to launching your app. But still, as a developer, you have many other options besides Google Play. For Example, Amazon App Store and GetJar App Store are getting increasingly popular among users and developers.

Is it necessary to publish an app to Android app store?

It is not mandatory to publish your android application on Google play store. You can do a simple thing as well. Being an AppGeyser user you can give your AppGeyser download link to several potential users of your app. Or you can also use the QR barcode, this will also allow your app users to get access to your free android app. But here is a thing, this will give access to only a handful of people. Like if you are intended to get your app introduced among a large number of audience than this must not be your choice. If you want to attract more and more users than we suggest you to upload your app on any of the Android app markets. If you cannot afford to upload your app on several app stores then at least upload it on one Android market. This will make it possible to get your app viewed and played by a large audience.

Is Google Play the best Option for publishing your app?

No, when we have told you already that Google play is not the only app store where you can get your app marketed. The next thing is that among many options of app stores you will choose the one that suits best to your app. The decision of which app store will work out best for your app is actually based on your business needs. You can decipher it quite well with the example of local high street example. Like if you decide to sell your own brand of food in your shop at the corner of your village, you will work hard in your shop and try to make more and more nice food to serve people. You will gain access to a little audience for your shop who would come and buy your stuff and enjoy it. But what would be the case outside your village? How many people will recognize you there? The chances are that not even a handful of people. So instead of selling your food in a little shop at the corner of your village, you should think of selling your product in a large retail supermarket. It would be much better as you will see your audience will grow instantly and eventually your product will become famous and will earn you great profit. You can look at it in the way that in your village shop you have little to no competition and so you will be much certain to sell your products. But in supermarkets, you will be exposed to a wide range of competition. Now you are wise enough to find out which of these examples suits your business plan. Be a little mindful of all the facts when you are deciding your marketing platform. For a decision once made can either get you to profit or only regret. So what is the point of doing a hurry? You can take your time to see which things make good sense for you and which does not. Once you decide which option you are going with, try to stick to that and make the best out of it.

Is Publishing free app to an app store is expensive?

Developers who are going to launch their first app become so conscious about spending money. As it is their first experience so they want to earn more money before they spend more. So this must be the question of all the developers out there that Is publishing free app expensive or not? The answer to this question is, it depends. It depends on your choice, which app store you go to will decide how much money you need to spend. Some app stores charge you a fee for launching your apps i.e. Amazon and Google play are on top of the list. In contrast to these app stores, many small app stores are free of cost. The recommendation that we have come up with is you must go and try with the free ones first. Keep working with the free apps for some time, during that period you will learn a lot and you will also get a chance to know about a lot of mistakes that you made. This will help you in the long run, like when you start with the paid app stores you will present your perfect app there as you have already learned a lot from your previous experience.


In this article we have guided you thoroughly that how you can publish your android apps. Nothing is difficult, not the creation of the app nor its publicity. All you need to have is patience because success does not happen over the night, and it is a deal of hard work

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023