8 Best App Marketing Tips – Promote your Android App

App Marketing Tips

A lot of factors are involved in making an Android app successful. Creating an app and publishing it on the Play Store is only one process of the whole Android development process. The app marketing is one of the most important part regarding the success of an app. An app requires correct marketing strategies to make it famous and popular among the target audience. Imagine that you have published an app over the play store, and you did not market it correctly among the target audience. How will your target audience know about your app? You need a way for your users to know that an app is present that would fulfill their requirements. Usually, marketing is ignored in most of the projects. It is a general perception that app marketing for Android a very difficult process. Many people think that marketing is an expensive process. Keep reading this article for knowing about different marketing tips that will help you to make your Android app successful and earn revenue from it. All the marketing strategies mentioned in this article are free of cost.  

The goal of creating an Android app is to make it rank higher on the Google play store and get more user retention rates for it. The only way for getting more retention rates and usage ratio for an app is by getting more downloads for an app on the play store. App marketing strategies help different developers to reach their goals and make their apps successful and ultimately it will lead to earning revenue from the app. For any Android app, the audience usually grows if the app continuously provides great user experience and fulfill the requirements of the audience. It is one of the best strategies to launch your app among an existing audience. In this way, you will already have some users of the app and you can continuously increase the target audience by using effective marketing techniques.

8 Best App Marketing Tips

Good reviews will increase the ranking of the app in the target audience and it will also increase the popularity of the app. It is helpful for the app marketing that you submit your app to different review sites. In this way, different professional reviewers will review your app and provide quality reviews. It is a general procedure to submit your app on different review sites, search engines, and industry-related blogs. Down below is the detail of some of the common methods that you can use for app marketing correctly:

  1. Create a business blog for your Android app

This process is time-consuming. Usually, creating a blog for promoting your app takes more than a year to become successful, and getting the required traffic of the users. The key to successful blogging is to blog frequently and updating the content regularly. In this way, the users of your blog will ultimately download and use the Android app. You will correctly market your Android app among the target audience by creating a business blog. This method will not only make your blog popular but it will also help in marketing your android app.

  1. Comment as a Guest Blogger and posting on industry blogs

For Android app marketing you need to participate in different industry blogs. You also need to participate in the discussion forum on these blogs. One helpful tip is to always use correct information on these blocks with your correct brand name and information. In this way, you will get the correct backlink to your Android app and you can correctly market your app among the users. Never try to spam other people by taking part in a blog as a Guest Blogger. If you try to spam other users, the different blogging sites will block you from their platform and there is no way that you can market your app correctly online. Taking part in different kinds of industry forums will show your knowledge among the target audience and it will make a relation of trust and loyalty among your users.

  1. Use press releases for marketing your Android app

For keeping your audience up-to-date about your Android app, you need to frequently post different kinds of press releases. This is one of the easiest methods for Android app marketing correctly. You will keep your audience updated with this method of marketing by releasing information about the features and functionality of your Android app.

  1. Use social media for app marketing

This tool can be considered as one of the most effective and popular tools for marketing your Android app correctly. Try to make your connections online by using networking and self-promotion techniques. Never spam other people by using social media platforms. You need to interact with other people and share your work with them in the form of Android apps. Therefore, by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc, you can make your app popular by getting more followers and people to like your Android app. You will ultimately increase the target audience for your Android app and all this will help you for making your Android app successful in the end.

  1. Optimize your business website

Never underestimate the power of SEO techniques for your website content. You need to promote your Android app on your business website. Try to provide the content to your audience by using keywords. Keep the content of your business website up to date. It is the only way to stay ahead of the competition and make your Android app popular among your users.

  1. Use YouTube for app marketing

YouTube can be considered as one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing content with the audience in the form of videos. You need to promote your Android app carefully on  YouTube by making a correct YouTube channel for your business. You can provide a variety of tutorials and full information to your target audience regarding your Android apps. One of the biggest advantages that you will get after using YouTube for your Android app marketing is that you will be able to reach a broader audience in less amount of time. Millions of people use YouTube and it can become a great source for marketing your Android app correctly and making it successful.

  1. Advertise

You can use the advertisement techniques for marketing your Android app. Try to make a captivating ad for your Android app. Submit it over YouTube and other social media platforms. This technique of marketing is usually expensive as you need to pay an amount of fee for posting your advertisement. Moreover, this type of advertisement is usually only specified for a number of days. This method of marketing your Android app is effective as that will be incorporated in other videos and apps. In this way, by using advertisement you can market your Android app and reach your users. 

  1. Help other developers

This is one of the traditional methods of marketing your own Android app. The trick for marketing your Android app with this method is that you will help other developers to resolve similar issues that you faced during the development of your Android app. In this way, you will become famous among the community of Android developers. You will make more connections among the Android development community and all this will help you to make your Android are popular and get more users.

Use the above-mentioned marketing techniques together or individually to suit your app requirements. By using these techniques, you can correctly market your Android app and reach your goals.


Marketing can be considered as an integral part of making an Android app successful. If you want to make your Android app successful among the target audience, you simply cannot ignore the importance of marketing. Marketing will make your Android app famous among the users and as a result, you will get more and more users and your Android app business will flourish. Some important app marketing tips include using a business blog for promoting, posting on other blogs as a guest blogger, posting on other industry blogs, using different kinds of industry forums to market your Android app, using different forms of press releases to make your Android app popular, using different social media platforms and making your impact on them as a business, optimizing the business website with best SEO strategies, and helping out other developers to resolve different issues. Never try to spam other people by using false credentials. Always use your correct business name and brand to promote your Android app. By using the app marketing tips mentioned in this article, you can make your Android app popular and make it successful.

Last Updated on February 18th, 2021