5 Android Mistakes that Android App Developers Should Avoid

Android Mistakes and Errors

Android is the most preferred mobile operating system in the world today. If we talk statistically then almost over 85% of the smartphone users in the world are using Android. There is not a single thing that will make you dislike android. The major factors which drive people’s attention towards Android are that it is free, it is customizable and most of all its use is growing rapidly. Also, it is not only available on your phone or tablet but on your car, smartwatch, and TV too. Both the developers and the consumers are using Android devices with great interest. If we talk about the mobile app industry’s growth we must not forget that there is a huge contribution of Android apps in it. Android apps are leading with almost 75% share in the app market. This is not a small percentage regarding the use of the Android platform.

Google Play store is hosting over two billion Android apps today. Every day many apps get published on Google Play. Android apps are being published on Google Play from across the globe. The competition in the domain of app development is too fierce. So it is of the utmost importance that whatever your creation is about it must provide the best experience to your consumers. Or else they will move to another app and your creation will be lost in the sea of apps because of your ignorance. This can be addressed as one of the main reasons why some Android apps do not turn out to be as nice as the developer thought it to be. For your app to become a success, you need to dive a little deep into some technicalities that you might have overlooked while your app was in development. Later on, these errors are obstructing the app from getting potential users.

As we have mentioned earlier that there is a massive competition in Android’s app market so Google Play store is already flooded with app developers. Every app tries to compete with other apps. To stay ahead in such a fierce competition, you need to be creative and vigilant equally. Creative enough so that you can give your audience something very unique to drool at and vigilant enough that while working on your creation you do not miss anything. If you leave a few errors in your app then you will reduce the chances of capturing the attention of a large audience.

We have listed a few mistakes that the developers usually commit. These android app mistakes need to be fixed beforehand to get your app maximum recognition.

Issue No 1 – App Distribution

Developers using AppsGeyser start creating an app and the next moment after creating app they upload their apps to Google Play. Here are some things we would like to address as there are two issues in doing so. Firstly, you need to look at the quality of your app. An app with poor quality will not going to get you profit. If you as an app developer, will not upload your app with the most suitable screenshots, if your app has a vague description and you have not used any keywords while naming your app, then we must tell you that you have not created just an app but you have created a downright flop app. Creating an app is not enough you need to put some hard work so that when you publish your app it receives acceptance from the audience and no rejection. In the market where you will launch your app, has already flooded with several top-notch apps. So why do you think people will go for your app which has so many things needed to be fixed.  You can hope for your app to be a big success only if you have named your app properly by including keywords that people search for most. You should work harder while writing your app’s description with no grammar or spelling mistake and if you have used the best suitable screenshots then your app will become successful. These are the things that require your attention so that you just like any other app developer may not commit errors.

Secondly, there are limited choices for app developers to get their apps launched. It is a common sight that every developer after getting done with his app creation, goes for Google Play to get his app published. Google play has always been the top priority of app developers. There is no doubt that Google Play is an amazing platform for your app publication. But the thing is that every developer approaches Google Play and this has made Google Play overly crowded. If you are a developer who is going to launch his first app then Google Play will drive you nuts to get your app recognized there. It is nearly impossible to make your app’s name appear in the organic searches as the competition is so tough. So now there is a need that you must go and look for some other app stores as well. What if it is not only Google Play Store? You cannot let your creation go wasted. You should go for other app stores where gaining recognition for your app is not an impossible thing. For example, you can launch your app on Amazon. When your app will get popular on Amazon, in an audience then you can search your app in Google play store too. This is not a process that will be going to happen over the night. You need to be thoroughly patient, consistent, and determined. 

Issue No 2 – Rewriting existing code

When we talk about the most common errors made by developers when developing an app, how can we not address this issue of rewriting the existing code? There are many features such as network calls, database access, and image loading, etc. All of these are such features that are used almost in every app.  What is the purpose of rewriting these codes from scratch? It is absolutely a waste of your time and energy which you could have put somewhere else. These features that we have mentioned, they have readymade codes. And these codes have been tested several times. You should use them to save a substantial amount of time. It’s always better to do some basic research about the existing codes. And when you find some existing codes, check which of them suits best for your creation.

Issue No 3 – Including so many Features

While creating an app, a developer thinks of creating such an app that will keep the users engaged. But that does not mean that you should bombard them with several features. Too many features will make it confusing for the audience which would eventually complicate the task for which you have created your app. Most of all, it will make your app too heavy. So you must avoid overstuffing your app and only include the usable functions. You can do this by creating a roadmap for your app and try to use simple yet engaging functions. This will enable the users to perform the tasks without any headache.

Issue No 4 – Don’t forget your creation

In the world of apps, developers are launching apps with every passing second. The battle is getting fierce among the developers. Everyone tries to upload more and more apps. In doing so what happens is that the developers forget about their previous creations like it was never created. Apps need to be updated from time to time. Your customers highlight a few issues they face while using your app. So if you keep on creating apps and forgetting the previous ones you will stay at the same point where you have started from. Success is not about making a bundle of apps but it’s the other way round. You can create a few apps with proper care and attention. Creating and then forgetting an app is not what the successful developers do.

Issue No 5 – App Marketing

Marketing is not just launching your app on the play store. You need to stay in touch with your consumers. Keep a keen eye on their wants and needs. And try to modify your app likewise. To stay informed about your app’s performance, keep the app news available on social media pages. You can make your users active on your social media pages by sending them push notifications. Push notifications are very useful in making users active. You need to do all of this to make sure that your app survives for a longer period on google play store.

Summary Tag

An error-free mobile app can be a goldmine for your business. This can help you optimize your revenue. If you have an error-free mobile app that means you have successfully generated new streams of income and fame. Keep all the points mentioned in this article in your mind to make a successful app without any android mistakes.