How to Register Google Developer Account Effectively

Register Google Developer Account

App developers are in the race to get their apps published on Google Store. Everybody wants to get their apps published on the biggest marketplace of the world that is Google Play. It is not easy as pie, but by the right tricks, you can get it for the first time.

App developers don’t know how to register their app to get it published on google play? The most asked question is how to register a Google developer account? We have answered every question in this detailed article.

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After all these points, you must be thinking, then how can I put my app on Google play. To put your app on Google Play, you have to register a Google developer account.

How to Register to Google Developer Account?

You need to register Google developer Account, so your app can be available on the App Store for Android users. You have to register a Google developer account to publish your app.

Google Play store has these specific guidelines that the developer should register google developer account before publishing his app. This gives the developer an edge and more control. You can maintain your business by an app in Google Play store listing.

Now, let’s see how you can register a Google developer account?

There is a necessity that you should be at least 18 years old to create a Google developer account.

  • You can register yourself by your existing google account. Click on this link, and you will be directed to the Google Play console. This Google account will be associated with your developer Console.

In this Option, Google will give you the option to select a different google account for a developer account. You will have two of these options below, and you can select either of them if you don’t want to go with your existing Google account.

  • Sign in with a different account
    • Create a new Google account
  • In case number one, if you want to go with different accounts, the one you are already logged in, then you have to provide your e-mail and password, which will then direct you to the payment. But if you want to make a separate account, then you have to create a Google account properly.
  • Once you have signed in, you will have to create a developer account. You can choose a developer’s name, e-mail. Remember that e-mail will be your source of contact, or you want to be contacted. This e-mail will receive updates on your app. You have to add your phone number. You can also add the URL of your website if you have any.
  • You have to read and agree to the Developer Distribution Agreement. You have to accept the terms by checking the box to continue to payment.
  • Then, you have to pay a registration fee of $25. In this part, you have to add your credit card information, so Google can make a deduction from your account. This is a one-time signup fee. Do remember that it can take up to 48 hours for Google to process your payment. You cannot publish your app unless Google has processed your payment.
  • Complete Account details.
  • Voila! You are a new Google developer. You have your own Google developer account.

In these easy steps, you can register Goggle developer Account on google easily. You can publish your app through the developer account only. $25 is a one-time charge.

You can make a Google developer account for once and have many apps under your account. Make sure they follow Google terms and policies.

Why is it Important to Have Google Developer’s Account?

Google Play developer’s account gives you many benefits. The main and important benefit is that you can publish your app on Google Play Store. Keep in mind that you can only register one Google developer account for one Gmail account.

You cannot earn money or generate revenue without a Google developer account. The trick is simple; if you want to make bucks from your app, then Publish it on Google play. You only have to pay a one-time payment that is $25, and you can enjoy publishing as many apps as you want.

By registering on Google Developer account, you can publish apps on Google Play only.

When do you Need Merchant Account?

If you want to publish a paid version of your app, then you need a merchant account on Google Play console. You can set up a merchant account in Google Play Console. You have to give your business information on this part.

Your app will be ready in some time. You can access or set up a merchant account by clicking the financial dashboard. After you have your profile set up as a merchant completely, then you can handle and manage in-app purchases and monthly payments.

You only require this merchant account when you don’t want to sell an unpaid version of your app, as some app developers decide to go with an unpaid version of their app. The app must have unique and valuable features which are helping the user in a major way.

When the app has a substantial purpose, then app developers decide to sell their app paid versions. For this, you can make a merchant account on Google developer. Otherwise, you can simply register a Google developer account to publish your app.

Comply with Google Guidelines

You need to follow Google Play guidelines as it requires a proper submission process before the review of an app. Google play can reject your app and will restrict you from not publishing an app because it does not conform to the guidelines of Google Play.

The hack to get your app approved is to make your Google developer account carefully, fill all the sections. If you have left any section, then Google Play will reject your app. Follow the steps above to register a Google developer account and fill the sections and get your app published in the first attempt by Google Play console.


You might have been thinking that making an app was the hardest part or distributing it to the target audience was a bit of a challenge. Then, you are absolutely wrong if you want to see your app on the app marketplace such as Google Play, where billions of Android users are using applications and increasing the revenue of app developers.

Then, you have to indulge yourself in Google Play Console. You need to register a Google developer account and provide all the information correctly. You have to invest your time in this process as it can lead you to publish your app and earn through it.

Now you know that when you have to publish an app in the marketplace, where you have to go and which door to knock. Google Play store holds a lot of Android apps and leads all the app marketplace. Android mobile devices always come with Google Play store pre-installed.

It is not easy to get your app published on Google Play store. Google Play has crucial procedure and guidelines which should be strictly followed then Google Play review an app and decides either to reject it or publish it.

If you want your app to run smoothly on Google Play, then you must follow Google play guidelines as Google Play Store can restrict your app anytime if you are deviating from guidelines. Many apps get rejected from the Google Play Store.

App developers search for a safe method so their apps can be published without any obstruction. The trick is to provide all the necessary data, so Google plays won’t have any reason to reject your app.