How to Create Pinterest Button for Android App: Free Customized Code

Pinterest Button for Android App

Pinterest is a platform where people share unique and inspiring ideas. It is a social media platform where people find ideas aligned with their interests and hobbies. Having a Pinterest button for the android app will boost the traffic on your app.

You can have diversified users on the app. Pinterest is a fast-growing social media platform for businesses. The idea is represented by a pin that is an image. That image is saved and shared by Pinterest users. If you need high traffic on your app, the Pinterest button for the android app should be in your priority book.

Add a Pinterest link to your app so that your app can be shared and pinned. Many businesses are using this strategy as a pin can link back to websites and apps. This can create a change for a business to have traffic on its app, which increases the conversion rate.

Pinterest works best for marketing your product so the users of Pinterest can share the images which are linked back to the original source. In this way, your app would have a social existence is various social media platforms.

Why Choose Pinterest:

People can download your app directly from Pinterest. Promoted App Pins are available to all the advertisers. This lets the user identify your app easily. Many App developers, when choosing strategies like these, they complete their goal by immense traffic generated from Pinterest.

When you’re using Pinterest for your app marketing, make sure to add a link to your app with each pin. This can directly lead people to your app. Pinterest gives your powerful marketing strategy of adding a pin button to your app.

You can also add links to pins, make it easy for users to find your app, and download it. They want to know why people are talking about your app so much. Facts state that Pinterest drives 3.8 times more sales than any other existing social media platform.

The game is adding a pin button for the android app. Pinterest has 200 million monthly users, and if your target audience is on Pinterest, then you must go for Pinterest for your app marketing.

Pinterest has a 66% female ratio with an age bracket of 25-54, now think that if your app is suitable for such an audience, then go-ahead to market.

Topics like fashion, game, travel, food, auto, and interiors are always trending on Pinterest. You can add the customized code on your AppsGeyser dashboard and get the Pinterest button on your app.

Customized Code on AppsGeyser:

To add the customized code on your AppsGeyser app. Follow the steps below:

Go to the AppsGeyser dashboard. Click “Edit” and then go to the “Advanced Edit” page. You have to add the code at the bottom of the “Advanced Edit tab” there is an option available to embed the scripts as shown below in the picture.

Pinterest Customized Code Insert

This code will add the Pinterest button to your app. The Pinterest button for the android app will be at the bottom right of the app. This code can be used on URL or browser templates of the app only.

Note: This code may not work in the browser with night mode or reading mode

Embed this code and make sure that you put the exact code. Otherwise, it will not work fine:

var f = d.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0], p = d.createElement('SCRIPT');
p.type = 'text/javascript';
p.async = true;
p.src = '//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js';
f.parentNode.insertBefore(p, f);
var pinlWrapper=document.createElement("div");
var pagePinIt=window.location.href;
var pinItPic=document.createElement("img");
var pinItLink=document.createElement("a");

How to Create Pinterest Button For Android App Step by Step:

  1. Open your AppsGeyser dashboard.

Now click the “Edit” icon on the left side of the bar. As you can see from the picture below, the Edit button is available on the dashboard of AppsGeyser. When you click the button, it will allow you to customize your app, and you can add this code also.

Customized Code Pinterest Button
  1. To add the code, you have to move on to the “Advanced” edit button, as shown in the picture below.

Click the Advanced button. You will find the “Embed this script into your app” You have to add the code mentioned above in this place. Then, click the submit button.

Submit Customized Code with Pinterest Button
  1. After adding the code in this part, click on submit.

Make sure you add the correct code so the Pinterest button can be added easily. If your code is incorrect or if you are not adding the correct code, then there would be an error.

This Pinterest button for Android is placed at the bottom right-hand corner of your app.

How Pinterest Button for Android Helps the App?

The visually inspiring and rich platform full of ideas helps you in adding traffic to your app. Pinterest link on your app helps the businesses in many ways. Therefore, every business should consider the worth of social media platforms such as Pinterest. Many people use Pinterest daily to look for ideas and share images.

It allows people to share images of your app while it is linked back to your app. Link back to the app as an original source helps the business creates brand awareness and more traffic. This traffic means a higher conversion rate.

When you have a Pinterest button for the android app, then people can easily share your app images, and you can become the talk of the town. In this way, your items can be easily pinned and shared. AppsGeyser gives you to customize code for free to add on your app.

This helps your app stands out from the rest of the apps without the Pinterest button. This Pinterest button for Android can increase the traffic but also increase the people knowing about your app. For example, when your app will be shared and pinned, then people will get to know more.

As more it will be shared, more people will know about it. As more people know about it, they will continue the trafficking chain. This traffic chain will become vast, and your app will have thousands of hits just from one social media platform.

The Pinterest audience is more suitable for businesses as it shares images and pin. People with mobile devices on Pinterest explore the ideas on Pinterest, and they like to try new apps for their daily routine.

If your app is about workout, game, YouTube, then there is a 100 percent chance that the Pinterest audience will explore your app and will try to get into more details, and this all is possible if you add a Pinterest button in your android app.

If Pinterest users cannot reach you by images, then what is the point? So, make sure that you have the customized code added in your AppsGeyser app, and you take full advantage of it.

Why is Pinterest Substantial for Business?

Pinterest is substantial for any type of business, and you can increase sales of your business by just taking it from Pinterest. How exactly can you do it? By making an app and getting a Pinterest button so Pinterest, 200 million users can see your app.

This social media platform is perfect for showcasing your app and enhance your business through images. Pinterest users use information resources through social media and ultimately buy something.

It would be very easy for them if you just give people the app link so they can explore your app niche and share it with others. You can add a link of your app with each pin you share on Pinterest that will lead to generating more traffic.

People mostly go for Pinterest as compared to Instagram for business because Instagram is very restrictive on links. With Pinterest, you don’t have such restrictive policies or certain followers to have to promote your app. Related: Best Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers, Pins, & Likes

The app is the greatest way to enhance your business and to make most of the use of your app is to highlight it on social media platforms. Pinterest users can find more about the in if you add a link to it. All you have to do is to create a business account on Pinterest and get more engagement from Pinterest.

You can add search-friendly captions on your pins, and Pinterest users looking for your app will come to you by themselves.

This is highly recommended by us to paste a code in the section of your AppsGeyser dashboard and get your hands on the Pinterest button for the Android App.

This could bring a lot of engagement and traffic on your app, which could lead to monetization. Adding a Pinterest button to your app will helps users identify your app easily through Pinterest. You can check out more articles on the blog for accessing more features of AppsGeyser.