How to Fix Android App without Getting Panic

Fix Android App without Getting Panic

Sometimes Android app just doesn’t work. The error is a bit annoying, and you cannot comprehend what exactly went wrong? If you are an app developer, then you must have gone through this issue, and you must be thinking about how to fix this error?

Sometimes when you develop an app, there are problems that a developer face that just doesn’t make sense. We are here to tell you what possible issues you can come across during this process and what the fixes are.


Many issues exist that make the app functionality difficult. We know what issues you face. Sometimes app fails to install even after you have scanned the app into your phone by using a bar code.

Sometimes you create the app all fine but cannot download the APK. This happens. You don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes you think you’ve done your part by creating an app.

You should know that you shouldn’t rest until it’s running successfully, and all the functionalities and features are smoothly working. Sometimes your app is installed, but it won’t open.

You have done everything right according to your math, then what went wrong? Sometimes your Android app crashes unexpectedly. These are some of the common problems that exist and occur.

App developers face these issues while creating their app or after creating their app. We have simple fixes for all of these problems.

How to Fix Android App?

We have listed some of the major fixes of all your problems. Whenever you have a problem in your app, run your app through these fixes, and it would work just fine after these fixes.

1. Change your Security Settings

Developers often miss this part while setting up their apps. The app is not working on your mobile device because your settings are set not to accept apps from a third party.

You need to change your security settings so that the app can run on your mobile device. Set your security setting to accept AppsGeyser templates as a secure app. Then try running your app on a mobile device. If this was an issue, then it is solved by now.

2. Update the App

Sometimes template maybe not be saved correctly and have produced a faulty APK. This could be one of the reasons that your app is in a glitched state, and you are wondering what is wrong with an app? We have a fine solution for you.

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on the Advanced Edit button
  • Click on “rebuild my app.”

After following these steps, it will rebuild a new APK. Sometimes APK could be the problem that you are having a hard time in using your app. After getting a new APK, this problem will be resolved.

3. URL Links

The most common problem that people make is they misspell a website address in their app-setup. When they misspell a website address, it results in the app not working properly. This is important for you to put the right website address in the app set-up so it would not lead to a problem like that. 

4. Connectivity Issue

There could be a connectivity issue. Sometimes apps don’t work because your phone is having problems connecting to Bluetooth, WIFI, or any cellular network. The only way to get rid of this problem is to enable airplane mode for 30 seconds on your phone.

Toggle it off. Now, try connecting again. Your issue can easily be solved sometimes by toggling the specific connection. If you still are having some issues, then you should repair or set up Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi network.

5. Overheating of Android Phone

Sometimes your app isn’t working because your Android phone is extra warm. You shouldn’t use high CPU usage apps or uninstall them to run your app. Your app sometimes doesn’t work because already existing apps on your phone are causing problems.

6. Change your Mobile Device

Sometimes the issue can be your own mobile phone, not the app. Many developers complain that their app isn’t working and how they can fix the android app? Well, the fix is to try another mobile device and run your app there. Your issue can be solved easily if your cellular device is the problem.

You don’t need to worry about how to fix the android app after reading these fixes. You can easily save your time and manage your app up to standard by fixing your android app immediately with these hacks.

Diagnose Crashes

Finding a reason for app crash can be a bit of a challenge for app developers sometimes. What can you do when your app crashes?How to fix an android app? You have to detect the main reason why your app has crashed. There are many reasons that your app can crash, such as:

  • Passing invalid arguments to API 
    • Checking for an empty string

The crashes in your app produce a stack trace. This is a snapshot of the nested ductions in your app. You can solve the issue by reading a stack trace.

You can only fix a crash by identifying the pace where the crash exactly happened. You can find the stack trace in report details in Play Console or the output of the Logcat tool. If you cannot find the stack trace, then you have to locally reproduce the stack trace. You can reproduce the stack trace by:

  • Manually testing the app
    • Reproduce it by using Logcat 
    • Identify affected areas

Two valuable pieces of information are shown by the stack trace to debug a crash:

  • Where the exception is thrown 
  • Section of code where the exception is thrown

You can find out by reading the lines of stack trace or by API classes that you used. 

Importance of Android App Developers

Android phones selling ratio is increasing day by day. People are going crazy over new models of Android every day, and sale velocity has scaled up effectively. By the time, Android app development has become a necessity

The various features in new android apps have been very helpful for businesses as well as entrepreneurs. People with talents are launching their apps to showcase their talents. It is the right time to make an app and be visible to the world.

In this era of technology, android app developers also face some issues with their apps and often get stuck at the point that how-to fix the android app? How to fix all the little errors so the user can have a soothing and good experience with the app. There is no need to panic in this state. It is very normal to have this kind of bugs.

  • You need to work closely to see if there are any bugs before launching your app
  • Make sure to develop an app as per the requirements of the customer
  • Make sure to develop a well-designed app
  • Asses all the bugs before launching an app
  • Make sure that your Android app supports all the versions

You need to design solutions for your Android app, so people don’t have any problem in the future. Make sure that you operate its regular updates.

Make sure that you don’t let any loophole left, so you don’t know how to fix android apps at the last minute. Make sure to do the research and development properly. Innovative solutions are the one which is mostly appreciated by the users. 

Benefits of Developing Android Apps

Increases Revenue

People love to shop from their apps now. This is what is leading to good sales and revenue for many businesses. It is ideal for you to have your app distributed to your consumers, and they can order anything in the comfort of their home.

People want to buy stuff while sitting on a soft, then why not give them the opportunity? Create an app and fix all the android app issues beforehand, so you don’t have to go through a bigger problem after launch.

Cut the On-Premises Cost

Online business through the app doesn’t require a lot of labor. Some people are managing their whole business through apps without any shop existence. You won’t have to pay the workers for the work; instead, you will have the revenue going up in the sky. 

Once you create an app, your responsibility is to run and check if it is working fine. If it’s not, then there could be some of the issues that we have discussed above. You don’t need to panic in a state if you cannot resolve the issue.

AppsGeyser team is always there to solve your issues. You can contact us on Facebook and Twitter. We will assess your problem and resolve your issue as soon as possible.