Do Your Android App Market Research Without Spending A Penny

A developer after completing the creating process of his app must think about some unique ways to get his app marketed on Google Play. Just like iOs apps or apps for Windows, Amazon, you really have to conduct market research if you want your app to be a success. After you are done with the research and creation of your app, which are actually the prerequisites, an app developer next thinks of how should he market his app that more and more users will download his product and turn his app into a success? For this, every app developer is meant to follow this article because we are going to tell you some amazing marketing tips for your apps on Google Play. And we must tell you that the marketing strategy is not a tiresome process. When a developer creates his app that is unique from the other apps then his marketing strategy should also be a unique one that will make his app stand out among many other apps. Reading this article is a very choice for beginners as it will assist you greatly with the options that you can utilize. Unlike every process, this marketing strategy is not something you are going to follow step after step rather many things are meant to be done simultaneously. But yet there is a starting point, from where an app developer should start this process which is research before building an app.

How to Do a Android App Market Research for Free

1. Conduct Research Before Building An App

It is very important for an app developer to get to know his targeted audience, he should understand his users before writing his first line of code. A developer must know some things beforehand and among those things are why the users are downloading this app or what they basically want? These are the queries that a developer can get answered by doing quantitative research that is by conducting surveys or by doing qualitative research that is by sitting down with the beta users. This market research has its sole purpose in guiding you throughout your app development.

There are many examples which will help you if you look at them. In 2015, there was an announcement made by Cartoon Network about the Powerpuff Girls series reboot which will be on aired in 2016. At that time of the year, many intellectual app developers took advantage of the moment and went on creating apps and games on Powerpuff Girls because there was a small ratio of such games in the market before. As the cartoon series had a strong fan base so creating apps on this resulted in potential users for the app developers.

Today users have a lot of apps so they do not use each one of them every time. So an app developer must do something good and different in the features of their apps which will make the use of app sound good and easy for the audience. One cannot expect the audience to download any pathetic app when they are having several choices to choose from. Developers are advised to build their apps based on fine research and also if you do not succeed in one attempt, repeat the process to improve until you are done.

2. Perform Market Research with Google

When you are doing some search on Google, you see a list of searches in the drop-down box that are the alternative searches of the keywords that you have typed. All you need to do is grab a piece of paper or a note pad and write down all those alternatives. These will prove to be useful as part of your keyword list in the very next tool. You will witness some more related search items when you click search. Then at the bottom of your result page, you will see ‘searches related to’, Note these down as well.

3. Use Adword Keyword Tool

What drives the internet is basically the keywords and search phrases and that is why we cannot ignore them as they are of very much importance. Google will assist you greatly with the help of these keywords and phrases. As the keywords are the phrases are mostly used by the people, which signals at users needs and wants. It is all done by the Adword Keyword Tool. This tool is so significant in letting the researcher know about actual search numbers. Last but not the least, these keywords will assist you in identifying the keywords with the highest and lowest traffic and competition.

4. Use Google Trends

An app developer should not set foot in a business without any know-how. Like you must do your research using this Google Trends, it can be of much help. With the help of this tool, the researcher can do more research and can unlock many informative things about the target market which would otherwise not be possible. What is good in doing so? Definitely, it will be going to save a large amount of time, effort, money, and frustration. This tool is also proved to be helpful in making a market plan for developers as it can answer questions like:  

  • What people these days are searching for?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • Where is my audience from?
  • Some other topics related to my application niche?

In order to know where your target audience is from, you can use maps to identify your users. It will be of great benefit as this will help a researcher know where people are searching from around the world. This will ultimately help the researcher determine whether the target market is close or active.

5. Use Google Alerts

What are the needs and wants of your target audience, this can be determined by staying alert through Google Alerts. Google Alerts are acting as a tool to let the dedicated researchers know what is a hot topic and what is not a hot topic among their target users. Using Google Alert is not an enormous task. It is super easy to use. All you need to do is enter the most popular keywords in your market and Google will then send you the links on whatever is relevant with your keywords. These can be in any form e.g news, weblinks, blogs, videos. You can get all these resources in one attempt just by clicking on the option which says “comprehensive search results”.

6. Use Google Web Search

Last but not least we have this Web search. Google Web search is a primary feature of Google which enables you to search for content across the web and it gives results for relevant websites, images, videos, news, and maps. It tells you about content, based on your search term and it guides you about what type of content is important.

7. Monetizing An App

Monetizing your app is something a developer needs to think about earlier. A developer should search for attractive ways to get his app monetized. There are many ways you can get your app monetized. It can be done through ads or by opting for a paid app. It just depends on the choice of a researcher because he needs to look at which monetization method works best for his app. So if you opt to have a paid one, Google advises you to start with high rates and later on, you can bring your rates down by offering smart discounts to your app users.

8. Build A Smart Marketing Plan

Planning is something that helps a businessman to identify his goals. Not only in business, but planning also has its vital role in application marketing too. Your planning will let you define what sort of impact your creation will have on the target audience. Start by creating awareness among users about your app. Tell them why your app is good and what makes it unique and different in the world of apps. Continue it by offering trial versions. And just as you did with your app, you need to repeat your app marketing strategy and keep trying to figure out what is the best for you.

Summary Tag

If you used to be an apprehensive developer because you didn’t have much budget to buy expensive marketing tools for your app, now I think I have done something very comprehensive for you. From this article, we have educated you enough that now you will never get bothered with the difficulty of market research for your android application. We have mentioned many ways in this article through which you can get your marketing done. These are the ways which you can use for free to gather some vital information, so why not use these free marketing tools for your advantage. With this incredible piece of information, we wish all the developers out there good luck for their career.