Sell Android App or Give it For Free – Choose Your App Distribution

After going through a lot of app development activities, your primary goal is to engage the audience and generate revenue. It seems like a simple task, but there is a lot of research involved in it. If you want to become a successful app business owner, you will need to sharpen your decision-ability.

If you are afraid of making hard decisions at the right time, it can make your business perspectives weak. There is a decision you need to take when your app becomes ready to be published on the Play Store. At that time, you decide whether to sell android app or give it for free.

Since apps have different types, their market approaches should also be different. Some require to be launched for absolutely free and others with a big price tag. It all depends upon various factors, from audiences to app structure. However, you can get good bucks at the end of the day.

How Can You Sell Android App?

Selling an android app is not just a task of tagging a price with your app; it combines many considerations. If you have finally decided to sell your android app, then it’s time to look at how you can actually sell it. It would help if you considered the price range as well throughout the process.

But, when you have decided what price you are going to charge for your app, it’s time to know how you can do it. One way is to fix a download price for your app on the Google Play Store. If any user wants your app, he/she would pay a specific amount and can download your app.

Another way is to have some purchasable items in your app, but the app can be free to download. These purchasable items are called “in-app purchases” when it comes to the Google Play Store. You can place some items in your app and charge for those items if a user wants to buy them through your app, such as game points, etc.

What Does Giving Your App for Free Means?

Everyone wants to make money through apps, but it seems like an unattractive task to publish your apps for free. But, that’s not the actual case. Giving your app for free doesn’t always mean that you will not get anything from those apps.

Even free apps can become more beneficial when it comes to gaining audience trust and branding your app business. Not all the apps, but there are specific app types that you need to consider placing for free downloads.

How you can give your app for free is just simple. You will not charge anything for your app to be downloaded from the Play Store. It will be free to download. However, you can also make money through these free apps by placing advertisements on your apps. In this way, the apps will be free to download and use, but when the user sees those ads, you can generate revenue.

Considerations before Making a Decision

It seems hard to decide whether to sell android app or give it for free, but through these tips, it’s actually not. The experienced team of AppsGeyser has revealed six proven tips to help you decide the essential part of the app launch. So, without any delay, let’s head over to these surprising tips and considerations.

1.  Store or Advertisement App

The app type is the first consideration before making a choice. If your app is an online store where people buy items, then it should be a free one. Store apps attract customers and audiences to use them and buy their favorite stuff through the app. If the store is paid, the audience will not pay attention to it, and not only the app but the stuff that the app is bringing up online to sell will get affected.

If the app is for advertisement purposes, then it should be free as well. Advertising a product or business can only happen when you attract the audience. For example, if your app is announcing a bunch of tracks on iTunes with samples, it should be free. Even placing ads on the app doesn’t seem appropriate in that case.

2. Business Supportive App

If your app design supports a business like a brick-and-mortar that helps people placing orders and finding your location, selling it is not a good option. It is not specific to only an online business. It could be physical business as well, such as a coffee shop, etc.

Businesses that engage the audience to visit them and get their services should also have free apps. If these apps are paid, people will not install them unless there is much brand awareness involved. For instance, a food ordering app is a business app, but it makes money through real-time food deliveries.

The app should be free in that case, but the users will eventually pay to the businesses. This is a smart way to capture the audience and value your brand on the market. But, placing other advertisements on these business apps are not much appropriate as it can distract users from buying business products from you.

3. Service-Oriented App

If your app provides a service that is free on the web, then you should consider labeling it as a free one. Service-oriented apps already focus on selling their services to users. Such as if you are providing a service to convert a word document file into a PDF format, it should be free because the web is full of free providers of these services.

But, if some services cannot be found commonly on the web, you can sell the android app. These services can be editing user’s images with some special effects or anything hard to find on the internet for free.

There can also be some services that only you offer in the entire market, for example, a vocals recording app with some special effects. In that scenario, you have the right to place your app on the store with a price tag.

4. Competitive App

If your app is a competitive one that has a lot of competitors on the market, then there are some considerations at first. You should evaluate what is the app type and, more specifically, if your competitors are selling the same apps for free. If your competitors are selling their apps, which are similar to yours, consider keeping up the competition.

You cannot hard sell apps that have competitors that offer those apps for free. This involves some market analysis, which can be beneficial in the long run. You can also come up with a strategy to sell your app for free in the start to initiate user engagement. When your app becomes popular on the market, you can then start selling it.

In a competitive environment, you can also place your app for free on the store and integrate advertisements in your app. Doing this will not only make it stand out from the crowd, but you will be generating revenue from it in the meanwhile. But it all depends upon the market analysis and your app’s worth.

5. Problem Solving App

If you are solving a problem for people, then they will likely pay you for that, especially if there is no one else that is providing these solutions or that much cheaply. You can place a good amount on the price tag if you are solving a complex problem for them.

For example, if your app is providing support to the users in specific tasks through Artificial Intelligence, you can sell android app easily. But you also need to research the market as it can play a vital role while defining the pricing factor.

You can be a unique problem solver on the entire market, and it’s always better to pay attention to the value you are providing to the users as well. There could also be charity apps that are somehow problem-solving, but you cannot charge for them. In general, it is good to sell your app if you are providing a quality solution, and there are no competitors on the market.

6. Entertainment App

If your app is fun and exciting, most likely, people will pay for your app. Some apps become trendy ones, and your app could be one of them. The audience usually loves entertainment, and your app can be an ice-broker for them.

For example, you are providing a video-sharing app with a lot of worthy features. People will probably love to have it, especially if it’s become trendy. Through a single trending app, you can also increase the value of other apps that you have placed in your product line.

Eventually, there are a lot of apps on the market, and the taste of the audience changes time by time. It would be best if you always consider all the aspects mentioned in these tips to enjoy a successful app business. You can also make a lot of worthy apps through our fully-featured templates. Try them now to make your app business trendier and earn ultimate revenue.

Last Updated on November 24th, 2022